Criminal Case Results

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Case Results

The criminal attorneys in Los Angeles at Martinian & Associates have represented police officers, lawyers, doctors, and businesspersons in white-collar criminal cases, and have represented hundreds of defendants in other types of felony cases, including murder, robbery, drug and sexual assault cases.

Lawyers from Martinian & Associates have represented defendants in virtually every major organized crime case prosecuted in Southern California, and has also defended numerous noteworthy clients in the entertainment business. In 1980, an attorney from Martinian & Associates was lead counsel in the "Los Angeles Mafia" case and thereafter represented an alleged mafia chief in a major RICO conspiracy case.

Then, in 1987, firm members represented a client charged in the "Record Payola" case. In 1994, firm members defended the "Hollywood Madam" Heidi Fleiss in a widely publicized state pandering case which ended in a partial mistrial and reversal on appeal, and won a downward departure in her federal sentencing hearing.

Then in 1999, firm members successfully represented an ex-Disney executive, whose well-known Internet sex solicitation case, in federal court, ultimately ended in a mistrial and a favorable disposition. During this case, firm members established the "Fantasy Defense," which has become a prominent defense in Internet sex cases since. A lawyer from Martinian & Associates has also represented the alleged leader of the Ventura County division of the notorious "Hell's Angels" in a large drug conspiracy case.

Other Case Results:

Resisting Arrest / Assault on a Police Officer:
Defendant charged with multiple counts of resisting arrest and assault on a police officer -- The charges were reduced to disturbing the peace per Section 415 of the Penal Code with no jail time.

Battery of a Child:
Defendant charged with multiple counts of battery on her children under 273 of the Penal Code. The charges were reduced to simple battery under 242 of the Penal Code and defendant was able to retain her professional license.

Subject to registration as a sex offender:
Defendant charged with sex crimes subject to registration as a sex offender under Section 290 of the Penal Code. Pursuant to a plea agreement, defendant was able to have his registration terminated after completion of probation.

Assault with serious injuries:
Defendant charged with assault with serious injuries per 245 of the Penal Code. Initial District Attorney offer was one (1) year in County Jail. On eve of trial, defendant agreed to sixty (60) days of jail.

Attempted murder:
Defendant charged with attempted murder/gang allegations. Defendant found not guilty of attempted murder after several weeks of trial.

Attempted murder / Gang allegations:
Defendant charged with attempted murder/gang allegations. Jury deadlocked, 11-1 for acquittal, on attempted murder and the defendant was found guilty of assault.

Felony arson:
Represented defendant in felony arson case. The case was dismissed based upon a motion to dismiss, after the preliminary hearing and prior to trial, granted by the Court.

Federal crime / Mail fraud:
Federal District Court (Los Angeles) - Represented defendant in a federal criminal matter involving wire and mail fraud allegations relating to the sale of alleged aircraft parts to the federal government. Case was resolved in a plea agreement with the government wherein the defendant received a probationary sentence with no actual prison time.



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