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Dangerous Drugs & Defective Medical Devices

We trust prescription drugs and medical devices to improve our health. Unfortunately, defects in the manufacturing, faulty warning labels and unanticipated side effects can cause patients serious harm. Our team of personal injury lawyers at Martinian & Associates are passionate about representing victims of defective pharmaceutical drugs as well as dangerous medical devices. If you or someone you love was harmed in this way, then be sure to call and speak with us about your case.

Dangerous Drug Cases We Handle

Among the many types of pharmaceutical and medical device cases we are open to taking on, our firm emphasizes representation for the following:

  • Januvia - This type 2 diabetes prescription has been connected to conditions such as pancreatitis and pancreatic cancer. These are the most severe side effects, and if not treated properly, could result in death. Januvia is the brand name of the drug sitagliptin.
  • Byetta - This is also a type 2 diabetes medication. It has a potential link to kidney problems in addition to pancreatitis and other serious diseases. Byetta is the brand name of the drug exenatide.
  • Mirena IUD - This is a form of birth control that is implanted in a woman's uterus, hence IUD (intrauterine device). It is manufactured by Bayer Pharmaceuticals, and while it is 99 percent effective at preventing pregnancy, many women suffer side effects such as perforation and PID.

Lawsuits are currently being filed around the United States over these products' connection to serious adverse side effects.

Lawsuits Against Drug & Product Manufacturers

The defendants in dangerous drug and medical device cases are most commonly the drug or product manufacturer.

Some examples of major pharmaceutical companies that have had lawsuits filed against them include:

  • Bayer Pharmaceuticals
  • Merck & Co.
  • Johnson & Johnson
  • Amylin Pharmaceuticals

In some cases, your physician may be held partially responsible for your injuries if they prescribed you a drug or medical device that they should have known was dangerous for you. Doctors must conduct thorough patient counseling to learn the patient's medical history and what substances they have a sensitivity to. Pharmaceuticals and medical devices should have extensive warning labels to warn not only of the known risks, but warn who should and should not use the product.

Proving Liability in a Product Defect Case

Product liability, particularly when the cases involves drugs and medical devices, differs from your average personal injury case. There are three major types of liability in these cases: manufacturing, design and marketing defects. It is common for medical and drug injury cases to involve marketing defects, also known as "failure to warn." There are very strict warnings for medical marketing. The advertisements must be age appropriate and not overstate the benefits or understate the risks. The drug or device's actual warning label must also be accurate, and fully detail all the known side effects.

Pharmaceutical Mass Tort Litigation

In most medical device and drug injury cases, plaintiffs are grouped together into what is called a "mass tort." Mass torts are the common method for litigating product liability cases, because typically there are many victims who are all 1) suffering from the same or similar side effects and 2) filing lawsuits against the same company.

The Los Angeles personal injury lawyers at our firm are extremely experienced in mass tort litigation, and have proven effective in the past. If you believe that you have a case, please do not hesitate to call and speak with us today. We will provide a free case evaluation so that you can learn your rights.

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