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When hundreds of people are injured due to a train derailment caused by the negligence of the maintenance crew – or when thousands get sick from poorly regulated dietary supplements – it may seem implausible for that many people to seek financial compensation for their injuries.

A class action seeks to alleviate these insurmountable odds by allowing all the potential plaintiffs to sue as one massive group – a class. In particular, mass torts deal with class action personal injury cases. In cases like those mentioned above, a mass tort could be used to pursue compensation for all parties involved, regardless of the number of people involved.

Requirements for Filing a Mass Tort in California

A class action or a mass tort is clearly different from a typical lawsuit, so it has its own set of guidelines that must be met. A judge must approve of the reasoning behind the lawsuit and the grounds of the case before allowing a class action to be created.

In every class action, there are two primary requirements that must be met for it to be official:

  • Number of plaintiffs: In order to form a mass tort, there must have been so many plaintiffs involved that pursuing individual cases for each of them would have been impossible. Twenty or thirty people suing for burn injuries from a particular toaster brand, for example, would not be nearly enough to generate a class action claim.
  • Identical claims: Everyone included in the class action must have the same complaint. For example, each person who claimed to have suffered abdominal pain after consuming a dietary supplement would be able to join the class action against its manufacturer but not necessarily someone who took the same supplement and only reported a mild rash.

Our Firm Can Help You Win Class Actions and Mass Torts

If a class action is settled in the favor of the plaintiff class, all winnings will be distributed to everyone who reported themselves as part of the plaintiff class. Before the trial occurs, attempts should be made to notify all potential class members.

Regardless of your involvement or possible involvement in a mass tort, you cannot afford to go without an experienced class action lawyer. The right legal assistance can make all the difference in the outcome of your case.

At Martinian & Associates INC., we believe aggression and persistence in the courtroom, when combined with knowledge and years of experience, can go a long way in obtaining favorable results and deserved settlements. We won't back down from the biggest cases out there, and there is nothing bigger than a mass tort. Let us prove to you what we can accomplish by working together.

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