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Pasadena Uber/Lyft Accident Lawyer

The rise of rideshare apps like Uber and Lyft has transformed transportation in Pasadena and elsewhere. Today, fewer people use public transportation and instead rely on rideshare vehicles during travel and within their home communities. Uber and Lyft rides may reduce the number of drunk driving accidents and provide a private, comfortable option for reaching a destination; however, with increased vehicles on the road, some studies show an overall rise in traffic accidents by about three percent.

If you’ve been injured as a passenger in an Uber or Lyft accident in Pasadena or experienced a collision with a rideshare vehicle, contact the Pasadena Uber/Lyft accident attorneys at Martinian Lawyers for the skilled legal representation you deserve. Call (323) 870-1073 for a free case consultation.

Why Choose Us for Your Uber or Lyft Accident Case in Pasadena?

The Pasadena rideshare accident attorneys at Martinian Lawyers have represented clients in accident and personal injury claims for over a decade with a 98% success rate and years of satisfied clients. We are staunch advocates for injury victims who shouldn’t be left responsible for the consequences of an accident when someone else is at fault. We offer significant advantages to your Uber/Lyft accident claim including the following:

  • Open communication, availability, and responsiveness so you’re always informed, apprised, and well-prepared for every step of your legal process
  • We provide top-tier legal counsel and access to on-call experts and invaluable resources to maximize your chances of a favorable outcome
  • The collaborative efforts of a team of sharply honed legal minds as well as the individualized attention of a Pasadena car accident attorney dedicated to your case

When you choose Martinian Lawyers, you’ll have an individualized strategy for the unique requirements of your case rather than a cookie-cutter approach that might undercut your compensation. Our Pasadena Uber/Lyft accident attorneys will ensure that you receive maximum compensation for your injuries and that your rights are protected throughout the legal process.

What Makes an Uber/Lyft Accident Claim Complex?

Large rideshare companies like Uber and Lyft insulate themselves from direct liability even when their drivers cause an accident. They maintain their status as app-sales-only companies by using independent contractors as drivers rather than employees. Fortunately, they do require their drivers to carry special rideshare insurance. This insurance uses a tiered structure with different coverage for different stages of the rideshare, making it challenging to navigate. Rideshare insurance works as follows:

  • While the driver uses his or her vehicle for private reasons their private insurance is in effect
  • Once they turn on their rideshare app and await a passenger, the bottom tier of coverage is in effect, paying up to $25,000 per person for personal injury coverage or $100,000 per accident
  • Once they’ve booked a passenger, during the trip to the pickup location, and during the ride with the passenger until drop-off, the top-tier coverage is in place with up to $1 million in coverage for personal injury and property damage

Rideshare insurance covers passengers, those in a collision with a rideshare vehicle, and pedestrians hit by an Uber or Lyft car.

Because of the multi-stage insurance coverage, insurers commonly dispute claims and point the finger at other policies. After an Uber or Lyft accident, you need skilled legal representation from a Pasadena Uber/Lyft accident lawyer to hold the at-fault party accountable and recover the maximum compensation.

Why Are Uber and Lyft Drivers Responsible for Many Accidents?

Studies indicate that rideshare drivers may be more likely than average drivers to experience accidents. This is likely due to extended hours on the road, distraction from their rideshare app, driver fatigue from working rideshares as a second job, and speeding to accomplish more rides per shift.

Call our Pasadena Uber/Lyft Accident Lawyers Today

No one should take on a complex claim against an Uber or Lyft driver alone. In some cases, other entities could bear liability such as a negligent road crew, another driver, or the manufacturer of a defective auto part. The experienced Pasadena personal injury attorneys, investigators, litigators, and negotiators at Martinian Lawyers will investigate, document evidence, and pursue the maximum compensation available to you for your damages like medical expenses, lost wages, and pain and suffering. Call our Pasadena Uber/Lyft accident lawyers today for a free consultation.