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Meet Our Team of Skilled Trial Lawyers

Martinian Lawyers is one of Los Angeles’ premier law firms. The firm was founded by Tigran Martinian, a personal injury and criminal defense attorney. Mr. Martinian himself takes on every case and is often accompanied by other associates and paralegals. The firm proudly serves those who have been criminally accused or wrongfully injured in the greater Los Angeles area.

Attorneys with Trial Experience

Each individual at Martinian Lawyers is absolutely dedicated to providing the highest quality of defense for our clients. We aim to accomplish this through aggressive tactics both in and outside of the courtroom. We won’t back down when it comes to securing the results that you deserve. Our team is made up of highly qualified individuals that are ready to represent you.

One of the characteristics that distinguishes our firm from many others is our trial experience. While many attorneys talk about their courtroom preparedness, few are able to execute effectively if the case actually does make it to trial. In both civil and criminal cases, we are prepared to do whatever it takes to get our clients the results they deserve, which can often mean going to court.

Los Angeles is a unique and diverse area. Because we understand and accept this diversity, we have taken the necessary measures to be prepared to handle any type of client dealing with any type of case. We have sought the help of interpreters so that those who speak Spanish, Russian and Armenian can also receive high quality legal representation from Martinian Lawyers. Rest assured that if you are seeking quality legal representation, you do not have to be afraid that language or background will be a barrier.

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We won’t back down when it comes to securing the results that you deserve.

Personal Injury Representation

Our personal injury practice frequently takes on cases involving car accidents, premises liabilitywrongful death and more. Unique about this firm is that its founding attorney, Tigran Martinian, won a large award for victims of a car accident soon after he was admitted to the bar. Obtaining a large award so early on in his legal career is not something that many attorneys can say. He has also been able to secure many charge dismissals.

Criminal Defense Representation

DUI, probation violations, violent crimes and sex crimes are just a few examples of the cases that we are prepared to handle for our criminal defense clients. Los Angeles is tough on crime, which means that you need attorneys who are equally tough and can handle an aggressive line of attack from the opposition while standing their ground. This is the kind of service our firm provides.

Criminal defense needs to be handled by attorneys who are admitted to the bar to practice this kind of law. Our attorneys have these and other impressive qualifications to add credibility and ensure that our clients have confidence in us. To schedule an appointment with the firm, call us today.