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Los Angeles Probation Violation Attorney

Probation refers to a commonly used sentencing condition that allows a convicted individual to reside in the community under supervision or specified provisions. It differs from parole in that it refers to county convictions and may be used after a jail term, or indeed as a sentencing condition of its own. Probation usually lasts for three years though in some felony convictions it may last up to five years. When one of the terms of probation has been broken, a probation violation has occurred.

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Types of Probation

There are two types of probation that may be given:

  • Formal (or supervised) probation refers to probationary terms under which the individual must report to a probationary officer for regular meetings, usually at one month intervals.
  • Informal (or summary) probation requires that certain provisions be met and the individual complete a ‘good behavior’ period.

Probation violation penalties vary depending on the type and severity of violation. It is important to seek immediate legal help to resolve a violation in order to avoid suffering the consequences of being sent to jail.

Some probation violations include:

  • Failing to appear for a scheduled court hearing
  • Failing to report to your probation officer
  • Failure to complete a court ordered course or counseling
  • Failure to make restitution as ordered by the court
  • Being arrested for another criminal offense

Regardless of the type of violation, probation violation lawyers at Martinian Lawyers are committed to pursuing the best possible outcome for our clients. We aggressively represent our clients with personalized service and dedication. Probation violation can be a serious matter.

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