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Los Angeles Funeral Home Negligence Lawyers

Did you or a loved one suffer neglect or abuse when working with a funeral home? The dedicated funeral home negligence lawyers at Martinian Lawyers are here to protect your family’s rights and fight aggressively to obtain the justice you deserve. Contact us today for a free case consultation!

What is Funeral Home Negligence?

After the death of a loved one, families understandably wish to honor the decedent’s memory with a respectful burial or cremation. Relying on a funeral home to ensure that the service is according to the wishes of the family requires a great deal of trust.

While many families place their trust in funeral homes all across the country, the unfortunate fact is that a number of funeral companies abuse or even nullify that trust. Funeral home negligence can take many forms, including:

  • Greed
  • Incompetence (whether deliberate or an honest mistake)
  • Abuse
  • Perversion
  • Deception
  • Wrongdoing which leads to cover-ups

When funeral home negligence occurs and your family is rightfully outraged, filing a civil lawsuit with Martinian Lawyers is the best means of holding the funeral home responsible for its wrongdoing.

What are Some Examples of Funeral Home Abuse and Negligence?

Funeral home abuse and negligence can manifest in a number of ways. Some of the more common examples of funeral home abuse and negligence that we see at Martinian Lawyers:

  • Delivering the deceased to the wrong grave site
  • Improper/inadequate embalming
  • Mishandling the body
  • Failing to store the body properly
  • Cremating the incorrect body
  • Dropping or damaging the body
  • Losing or misplacing ashes
  • Losing or misplacing the body
  • Stealing valuables from a body
  • Stealing organs from a body to sell
  • Financial mistreatment of the deceased’s family
  • Placing multiple bodies in one casket
  • Placing the wrong body in the wrong casket
  • Robbing the corpse
  • Sexually abusing or maiming the corpse
  • Delayed services (failing to embalm, cremate, or move the body for an extended period of time)

What Can You Do After Being the Victim of Funeral Home Negligence?

Filing a civil lawsuit is a means of holding a negligent funeral home accountable. It is recommended that you speak with a qualified and experienced Los Angeles funeral home negligence attorney to discuss your claim.

During the consultation phase, your Los Angeles funeral home negligence lawyer will likely review what proving such a case entails:

  • Demonstrate that the funeral home owed you and your family a duty of care (as they were responsible for treating your deceased loved one in a respectful manner but failed to do so).
  • Demonstrate that the funeral home breached that duty of care by treating your deceased loved one in a dishonest or disrespectful manner.
  • Demonstrate that the breach on the part of the funeral home caused you and your family harm (and, as a result, since the funeral home was responsible for the negligence, they are therefore legally liable for damages).
  • Demonstrate that you endured losses and suffering as a result of the funeral home’s negligence (whether emotional, psychological, or financial).

When a funeral home breaches its duty of care to you and your family by committing negligence, you may be entitled to a substantial cash settlement. Filing a claim with Martinian Lawyers can help ensure that you recover all applicable damages for your funeral home negligence claim.

What Damages May be Recovered in a Funeral Home Negligence Claim?

Damages for funeral home negligence claims can vary on a case-by-case basis. You and your attorney will need to sit down and determine the facts which occurred, the degree of negligence, the timeline of events, etc.

In general, the following damages may be recovered in a funeral home negligence lawsuit:

  • Emotional trauma
  • Funeral expenses
  • Loss of enjoyment in one’s life
  • Miscellaneous damages
  • Counseling or therapy expenses (due to the emotional harm caused via the event)
  • Pain and suffering

At Martinian Lawyers, our funeral home negligence lawyers are dedicated to fighting aggressively for justice on behalf of every single client. We know how traumatic an instance of funeral home negligence can be for an entire family, and we’ll work tirelessly to secure you the maximum financial compensation you deserve.

Choose the Best Los Angeles Funeral Home Negligence Lawyers to Handle Your Case

Our proven and experienced team of funeral home negligence lawyers is led by Tigran Martinian, a skilled litigator with decades of experience helping injured victims get the justice they deserve.

In many funeral home negligence cases, proving liability and successfully recovering the damages you truly deserve requires a skilled and experienced lawyer from Martinian Lawyers. Our team has over 25 years of experience helping individuals and families harmed by funeral home negligence and abuse obtain maximum financial damages awards. To date, attorney Tigran Martinian and his associates have secured more than $100,000,000 in settlements and verdicts for injured clients.

If your family has been victimized by a funeral home company, don’t settle for anything less than the Martinian Lawyers Advantage. We will fight aggressively to recover you the largest possible cash settlement based on the circumstances of your unique claim.

Contact one of our California funeral home negligence attorneys today at (323) 850-1900 for a free, confidential, and no obligation consultation. 

Martinian Lawyers is a leading Los Angeles funeral home and personal injury firm dedicated to securing the justice that victims deserve. When you choose Martinian Lawyers to handle your funeral home negligence claim, you never have to worry about upfront costs or out-of-pocket expenses. We won’t charge a penny until after successfully securing maximum financial compensation for your claim.

Reach out to a member of the Martinian Lawyers team today to learn more about how to get justice for you and your family after an unfortunate funeral home negligence incident.