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Were you or your child injured during delivery?

Birth injuries are a tragic reality. While some child deliveries are difficult by nature (dystocia), many injuries are preventable. Doctors, obstetricians and supporting medical staff all have a responsibility to exercise the necessary duty of care for their patients. When they fail to perform a level of care that is "reasonable," serious birth injuries can result, leading to further complications that can last the duration of the child's life. If you or your child was needlessly injured during the process of delivery, a Los Angeles personal injury lawyer from our firm can help. Martinian & Associates is passionate about pursuing justice and maximum compensation for victims of birth injuries.

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Two Major Types of Birth Injuries

Most injuries and developmental conditions that result from birth injuries originate from two main factors during delivery. Some injuries are caused by hypoxia, which is a lack of oxygen to the brain. Other injuries are the result of excessive force or other trauma. Most conditions resulting from birth injuries can be broken down into these major categories.

Listed below are various types of trauma that can occur at birth:

Umbilical cord strangulation, prolapse or compression 
Problems with the umbilical cord must be detected quickly. Each second that goes by in which the umbilical cord is not properly functioning is another second that the baby is struggling to breathe. These problems can lead to hypoxia, brain damage and even demise.

Uterus rupture 
This is another adverse medical event that could lead to hypoxia. While rare, the muscles that line the wall of the uterus could rupture during the process of delivery. This is considered a medical emergency that must be addressed with quick and accurate action.

Problems with the placenta 
One of the more well-known types of placenta problems is called abruption, which describes the event of a placenta separating before the baby is delivered. How can this harm the baby? If the baby is not delivered within a few short minutes of the placenta separating, the baby could die.

This is the result of a trauma-related injury at birth. While many birth injury fractures could heal on their own within a few weeks, some fractures are excessive, and even require corrective surgeries.

Medical instrument injuries (forceps, ventouse, etc.) 
Sometimes, especially in difficult births, medical instruments like forceps and ventouse (vacuum) machines are necessary to aid in the delivery process. If used improperly, medical instruments can cause severe damage to both the mother and child.

Brachial plexus injury 
The brachial plexus is a group of nerves in the shoulder/neck area. Brachial plexus injuries usually occur when a doctor is trying to pull the infant out. While some degree of pulling is often necessary and even recommended, incorrect or overly-forceful pulling can result in brachial plexus palsy.

Cerebral Palsy and Birth Injuries in Los Angeles

Cerebral palsy is a condition that can be caused by a birth injury, although not always. Many people who are living with cerebral palsy have had the condition since they were born. This condition affects the brain and motor functions of a person. There are varying degrees and different types of cerebral palsy, but most individuals with the condition require ongoing medical treatment and care. Cerebral palsy, if resulting from a birth injury, is typically caused by a lack of adequate oxygen to the brain. In the event of a medical emergency during childbirth, doctors must act quickly so that the hypoxia does not result in permanent brain damage, as this could also lead to conditions like cerebral palsy. When doctors fail to take the measures necessary to prevent hypoxia, they could be held liable for the child's condition.

Birth Injury Lawyer Serving Los Angeles County

At Martinian & Associates, our team of Los Angeles birth injury lawyers serve clients throughout Los Angeles County. We understand the difficulty and feelings of despair that families go through when an event like this occurs. While nothing can completely reverse the damage, our LA personal injury law firm is dedicated to pursuing real results that help people rebuild their lives. Compensation that we pursue is compensation that would go toward much needed medical treatments, rehabilitative services and even emotional damages like "loss of enjoyment of life."

We will pursue what you deserve. Don't hesitate to call and speak with a Los Angeles birth injury lawyer at our firm today.

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