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Use of the Mirena IUD may cause serious complications, which is why our team of Los Angeles dangerous drug lawyers are committed to providing information and representation for those who may have a lawsuit.

"IUD" stands for "intrauterine device." Mirena is a type of hormonal birth control that is heavily marketed to women who already have one or more children. The IUD is implanted inside a woman's uterus and can stay there up to five years, releasing low doses of hormones for the prevention of pregnancy.

The FDA as well as well as the manufacturer of Mirena (Bayer Pharmaceuticals) has admitted that this IUD can cause serious side effects. If you or someone you love suffered from these adverse effects, you may be entitled to a lawsuit.

Mirena IUD Adverse Side Effects

Using this intrauterine device most commonly leads to minor complications such as:

  • Abnormal vaginal bleeding
  • Amenorrhea
  • Bleeding/spotting between periods
  • Lower abdominal pain
  • Ovarian cysts

Unfortunately, many women experienced more severe symptoms than these. Doctors implant the Mirena IUD so that it stays in the same place for extended periods of time, but some women experienced migration of the device as well as organ perforation. If you experienced extreme pain while using this birth control device and found out that the device migrated and tore through the wall of your uterus, then you may have a lawsuit.

According to Bayer Pharmaceuticals, a little less than one percent of all women with the Mirena IUD contract an infection known as pelvic inflammatory disease. Women with PID are likely to experience symptoms such as lower abdominal pain, fever, vaginal discharge, pain during intercourse or urination, and abnormal or unusually heavy menstruation.

Mirena IUD is a birth control device that is over 99 percent effective in preventing pregnancies, but it is possible for women to get pregnant while using this device. If you find out that you are pregnant and the Mirena IUD is still implanted, then you should contact your doctor immediately regarding removal. According to Bayer, "pregnancy while using Mirena can be life threatening and may result in loss of pregnancy or fertility."

Do I Need a Mirena IUD Lawyer?

You may need a lawyer if you suffered one of the more severe negative side effects associated with Mirena IUD. Statistically, more than eight percent of women in the United States have been implanted with some sort of intrauterine device, and Mirena is one of the most popular. Many women have already begun the legal battle, and with the help of their attorneys, have brought injury cases against Bayer Pharmaceuticals.

How can you know if you are entitled to a lawsuit? The best way to know is by having your case evaluated by a Los Angeles personal injury attorney at Martinian & Associates INC. Our law firm is passionate about victim representation, which is why our goal is to educate, counsel and litigate on behalf of Mirena IUD victims.

Martinian & Associates INC. has much experience with mass tort litigation, such as pharmaceutical and medical devices cases such as this. We know what to look for and we know what steps to take to ensure that our clients get the representation they deserve. Should you become our client, trust that we will fight for maximum financial compensation on your behalf.

Learn more about our firm and how we are prepared to take legal action on your behalf. Please call us for a free evaluation of your case!

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