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Police Brutality Attorney in Los Angeles

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When it comes to your rights as a citizen it is important to understand that our police force is there to keep us safe and not to put us down. As police brutality attorneys in Los Angeles we respect the law and this comes in every form, when an individual feels as though their rights have been violated by the very ones sworn to uphold the law it is paramount that we seek justice for those that are wronged.

At Martinian Lawyers, we pride ourselves on up holding the law for the citizens of Los Angeles. We will help you fight this injustice that has occurred and hold those responsible accountable. No individual should be able to hide behind a badge and go outside the bounds of the law.

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What is Considered Police Brutality?

Police brutality the excessive use of physical force by a police officer which is classified under police misconduct in California. Police officers are not allowed to detain, or arrest, suspects in a way that falls outside the boundary of the law. Whether that means excessive physical force, or unsanctioned police methods, police officers must be held accountable while on duty.

Some forms of police brutality include:

  • Sexual Assault
  • Unnecessary Use of Weapons – Pepper Spray, Stun Guns, Pistols, Etc.
  • Unnecessary Use of Attack Dogs
  • Denying Medical Care to an Injured Suspect
  • Excessive Physical Force – Kicking, Choking, and/or Beating the Suspect

In addition, one should be aware that every police officer is legally required to read each suspect their Miranda Rights when being arrested. If your rights aren’t read your case can be thrown out because the law expressly requires that your rights are read.

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