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What is premises liability? This is an area of civil liability that involves the negligence or carelessness of a premises/property owner that results in the injury of an "invitee" and in some cases, even trespassers. Simply slipping, falling or otherwise getting injured on someone else's property does not necessarily constitute a premises liability claim. It must be clearly shown that the premises owner is liable for injuries due to blatantly hazardous conditions.

Premises liability accidents can happen at the workplace, at a public place (restaurant, swimming pool, etc.), at a school and even in someone's backyard. These types of cases are best handled by skilled injury attorneys, such as the Los Angeles personal injury attorneys at Martinian & Associates INC.

In order for a premises liability claim to be valid, three basic points must be clearly shown:

  1. The defendant in the case must be the individual or corporation that is actually in ownership of the property in question;
  2. The plaintiff (injured party) must have been allowed to be on the premises at the time of the accident or injury. In some cases, as was indicated earlier, trespassers may also be entitled to a claim;
  3. Negligence or gross negligence must be clearly proven. For example, an employer's failure to fix dangerous working conditions.

If you believe, after reading these three points, that you or a loved one is entitled to a premises liability claim, please do not hesitate to get in touch with our firm as soon as possible.

Types of Premises Liability Claims

Drowning & Pool Accidents
If your loved one was involved in a drowning or near-drowning accident at a public pool, then you may have a claim. In some cases, lifeguards are not paying attention or they are not properly trained, the premises may not have been maintained or there may not have been adequate warning signs.

Negligent Security
This term refers to a lack/failure/breach of security that resulted in the injury of an invitee. For example, if a security gate was broken at an apartment complex, and the landlord failed to get that gate repaired, any break-ins or security breaches that happened as a result could constitute negligent security. Negligent security could also refer to security guards and similar personnel who fail in their professional responsibility to guard and protect a premises to the best of their ability.

Slip & Fall
This is undoubtedly one of the most common types of premises liability claims. In a simple slip and fall accident, an invitee, employee, etc. is injured because of dangerous or poorly maintained property. For example, a construction worker who slips and falls off of scaffolding because their employer

School Accidents
Those who work at schools such as teachers, proctors and even office staff have a responsibility to care for their students. If a student is seriously injured or even abused on school premises, school staff and the overall institution could be held liable.

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The Los Angeles personal injury attorneys at Martinian & Associates can assist you if you or someone you love has been injured in an accident such as this. We can help hold the premises owners liable for the injuries that they caused you.

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