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What Happens if I Miss a Court Hearing?

Failure to Appear in Court

If you miss a court date, then there will likely be a warrant issued for your arrest. You could face additional penalties for failing to appear in court when you were required to. If you are not certain when you are required to appear in court, you should contact a lawyer from our firm. Martinian Lawyers can review your case to determine when you need to be in court, so you do not miss your hearing.

If you are not aware of when you are required to appear in court, you should absolutely get in touch with a criminal defense attorney in Los Angeles at Martinian Lawyers. Our firm can handle your case, and advise you when you are required to appear so that you do not face additional penalties.

In many cases, defendants fail to appear in court after they have posted bail. If a person has posted a cash bail from their own funds or the funds of a friend or family member, and then fails to appear in court, law enforcement can arrest them on site. If you or a loved one went through a bondsman in order to post bail, and then the defendant skips a court hearing, the bondsman can hire a bounty hunter to pursue the defendant and take them into custody. In California, bounty hunting is legal provided that the bounty hunters meet the requirements of California Codes Chapter 166.

In some cases, when the defendant is not considered a flight risk or a violent offender, the judge will release them before their court hearing without bail. This is called release on personal recognizance. This is only allowed when it is highly unlikely that the person will flee. Regardless of the events that led to you missing your court hearing, you will need help from a Los Angeles criminal defense lawyer. At Martinian Lawyers, we can advise you of your required court hearings and what you can do if you miss your court hearing, just call (323) 850-1900.