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Los Angeles Code Violation Attorney

Like other California cities, the city of Los Angeles has codes that it requires its residents to abide by. Failed compliance to these codes does not typically warrant an automatic criminal complaint, but rather a “Notice to Comply.” In some circumstances, failure to comply or alleged failure to comply can result in serious charges. Code violations can be a simple fix, or they could be nearly impossible for a tenant to comply with.

If you received a code violation in Los Angeles, then speak with a Los Angeles criminal defense lawyer at Martinian Lawyers for legal counsel. Contact us today for a free consultation.

Who inspects homes and apartments in Los Angeles?

The Los Angeles Housing Department (LAHD) conducts code inspections throughout the city. Specifically, the Code Enforcement Division utilizes the Systematic Code Enforcement Program to inspect properties. If this agency is going to inspect your property, it is required that you, if you are the owner, are notified at least 30 days before the scheduled inspection. The actual posting of the notice will take place about a week before the inspection. The LAHD inspects all properties to ensure that they meet all the requirements laid out in city and state laws.

According to LAHD,

If repairs are not completed within the time period specified on the Notice to Comply, the owner will be summoned to an administrative hearing at the Housing Department to determine the reason for non-compliance and when the required repairs will be completed. If further enforcement steps become necessary, the file may be forwarded to the Office of the City Attorney as a criminal complaint.

If you refuse to take corrective action in response to your administrative Notice to Comply, then criminal actions can be taken. Unfortunately, many people want to comply, but cannot for some reason. Common reasons for noncompliance include lack of finances, lack of physical ability and lack of awareness (i.e. never receiving the notice). A skilled Los Angeles code violation attorney can help explain these nuances.

What are some common code violations?

Each jurisdiction has slightly different housing codes as well as code violations that are more common than others.

In the city of Los Angeles, some of the most common violations renters, tenants and homeowners are cited for include:

  • Homes that fail to meet health requirements
  • Illegal dwelling places
  • Construction without proper permits
  • Littering
  • Dwellings that are labeled “uninhabitable”
  • Harming land that is environmentally protected

If LAHD cited you for any of these, you are not alone. Many residents of Los Angeles receive these types of citations. Unfortunately, many are unable to take actions to conduct the necessary repairs. Some people are not properly served their notice of inspection or notice of code violation. Speak with an experienced Los Angeles code violation attorney for legal guidance on this issue.

Why You Need a Los Angeles Code Violation Attorney from Martinian Lawyers

The criminal attorneys in Los Angeles at Martinian Lawyers are Los Angeles natives. They understand the issues that residents face every day, because they are residents themselves. Lead Attorney Tigran Martinian has been involved in the legal field for more than 15 years and can provide you with the assistance you need to tackle this code violation issue.

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