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Los Angeles White Collar Crime Lawyer

Crimes Motivated by Financial Gain

The term “white collar” is used to refer to a crime that is financial in nature, or business-related in some way. There are many criminal offenses that are considered white-collar crimes, and the majority of them carry serious penalties. Some of them are even considered federal offenses. If you have been charged with a white collar crime, it is in your best interest to seek the services of a Los Angeles white collar crime attorney as soon as you are able. White collar crime charges are not a small matter, and you will want professional legal help from a Los Angeles criminal defense attorney from our firm for the duration of your criminal proceedings.

Common White Collar Crimes in Los Angeles

Put into its simplest terms, counterfeiting is defined as the imitation of an item to pass a fake off as the original. This is most commonly seen counterfeiting crimes in Los Angeles in terms of money is people who may print their own money to pass it off as authentic. Other items that are often counterfeited include stamps, lottery tickets, and medical records.

Credit Card Fraud
More and more frequently, credit cards are becoming a common form of purchasing items throughout the nation. Unfortunately, they have also become common sources of fraud. Credit card fraud can involve everything from falsely reporting purchases as unauthorized to using a stolen credit card.

The criminal act of embezzlement involves the taking of property that was entrusted to you. A common example of an embezzlement crime in Los Angeles is an accountant being put in charge of bank accounts and slowly taking money over time into their personal accounts. This may happen for years before being caught.

The act of forgery involves the use of false documentation being passed off as an original. This could be writing false checks, forging a signature or using any other form of false documents with the intentions to defraud another person. Typically, this involves a lot of money on the line.

Identity Theft
One common form of white collar crime which is occurring more and more frequently is that of identity theft, which is the taking of another’s personal information for personal gain. This could be anything as simple as their name to their social security name to banking information.

A crime of corruption, bribery involves the gifting of money or some other item to influence the decision of a public official or someone who should act impartially. This could be a judge, witness or even a public employee. Penalties for this type of crime are dependent on the magnitude and scope of the bribe.

Welfare Fraud
One common form of fraud involves the illegal obtaining of welfare benefits. This can be done by failing to report income, reporting that a child is living at home after they moved out or otherwise misrepresenting the facts to work the system. It can also include impersonation another person.

Legal Repercussions

Such crimes vary considerably in their severity and can be met with equally varied penalties, including everything from monetary fines to prison time. At Martinian Lawyers, we understand how frightening it can be to face charges for a serious crime.

The idea of losing one’s freedom, or having to pay exorbitant fines, is an extremely unpleasant prospect, and it can leave one confused and unsure of what to do. In the event that you are facing such charges, your first step should be to contact our offices. We can provide you with professional legal guidance and representation in your case. With our help, you may be able to avoid a conviction and the punishment that follows.

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If you have been arrested for a white collar crime in Los Angeles that is considered a federal offense, you will face federal prosecutors in your court proceedings. A federal criminal defense attorney in Los Angeles can be consulted in these cases and build a defense.

Prosecutors have the full resources of the government behind them, and they are single-minded in their mission to obtain a conviction in such cases. If you are to have a strong chance of a successful outcome in your case, you will need an attorney who is equally single-minded in defending you, and possesses the necessary skill and experience to fight for a favorable outcome for you.

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