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Los Angeles Criminal Appeals Lawyer

In the event that you have been convicted of a crime, you could be facing severe penalties, even if the crime was a simple misdemeanor. Fortunately, our criminal justice system does provide options for those who have been convicted, and one of these options is known as an appeal. An appeal can be pursued when an individual feels that their conviction is unjust or has been levied in error. It is important to remember that an appeal is not an entirely new trial, but rather a second look at a first one. As such, new testimony and new evidence are not permissible in such trials according to the appellate courts.

It is the previous trial that is under examination, not one’s actual criminal charges, and this examination is done in order to uncover any errors or inconsistencies at the hands of the arresting officers, prosecution, jury or judge. The appellate court is a higher court that reviews the decision and all proceedings of the lower court. A Los Angeles criminal defense lawyer from our firm can guide you through the appeals process so that your criminal conviction can be subject to further review.

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What is the The Appeals Process in Los Angeles, CA?

If you want to appeal your criminal conviction, the first thing you and your attorney will have to do is file a notice of appeal. This form must be filed within 30 days that the court issues your judgment. In some cases, this time limit is 60 days, so check with the court and your attorney for further information. It may be difficult to appeal a conviction that comes as a result of a “no contest” plea or an admission of breaking the terms of probation.

How do I appeal a Felony Conviction?

To appeal a felony conviction, you and your attorney will also have to file a certificate of probable cause. What “probable cause” will do is prove that there are constitutional, jurisdictional or some other legitimate grounds for appeal. One benefit to filing an appeal of your criminal conviction is that you can be placed on bail while that appeal is pending, although this is easier in cases of misdemeanors, but not impossible for felony offenses. For more information on the appeals process, be sure to get in touch with a Los Angeles criminal appeals attorney from the firm.

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Appeals cases are widely considered to be the most complex and delicate of all legal proceedings. Traditionally they require much investigation and research on the part of the defending attorney, and it is for this reason that many attorneys avoid them. If you are intent on appealing your conviction, it is strongly advised that you obtain professional legal help from an attorney who is well-versed in navigating such cases.

Martinian Lawyers is a full-service criminal defense law firm that represents individuals in appeals actions, as well as all other facets of their criminal cases. We are extremely diligent in our approach to appeals cases, investigating the client’s previous trial in detail, so that we can provide the strongest possible chance of success on their behalf.

In the event that you are seeking an appeal of your criminal conviction, contact our firm as soon as possible. Our Los Angeles criminal appeals lawyers will do their utmost in an effort to see that your conviction is overturned and your charges are dropped.