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Los Angeles Termination of Probation Attorney

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Following a conviction for a criminal offense, a person is generally put on probation for a specific number of years after their sentence is served. Misdemeanors often carry a three year probation period, while felonies can be up to five years. For those serving misdemeanor probation, this is considered informal, and does not require a person to check in with a probation officer. Those who are serving probation for a felony are required to check in on a set schedule with a parole officer.

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Probation often carries with it certain terms, including paying fines, completing a jail sentence, paying restitution if required or attending mandatory anger management or drug/alcohol counseling. Once these terms have been completed, it is possible to request an early termination of your probation. An application to the court under Penal Code Section 1203.3 allows for the court, at its discretion to grant the motion to terminate the probation. If you have fulfilled the terms of your probation and wish to terminate early, contact Martinian Lawyers to get the legal advice regarding your options.

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Our experienced legal staff can review your probation terms and advise you regarding the chances of your early probation termination request being granted. If you are eligible, we can file the appropriate motion and present your request before the court. As the judge has the discretion to approve or deny your request, having a solid legal representative presenting your motion before the court can make all the difference on whether it will be granted or not.

Requesting an early termination of probation allows you to also apply for a reduction of a felony to a misdemeanor or also have your record expunged. Find out more about your alternatives by calling a Los Angeles termination of probation attorney for a free initial consultation.