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California Drug Diversion Programs

Los Angeles Drug Defense Lawyers Explain CPC 1000

Drug diversion refers to a series of programs offered by police departments, the district attorney’s office, courts, or other organizations that attempt to “divert” first-time drug offenders from a path of habitual drug use. The idea is behind drug diversion programs is twofold: First, these programs attempt to recover the drug offender rather than separate them from society; second, drug diversion saves a great deal of money because it keeps convicted drug abusers from entering incarceration.

These various drug diversion programs are offered to first time drug crime offenders in hopes to solve their drug problem instead of isolating them from society. Although drug diversion program participants avoid criminal conviction and are able to preserve their criminal record, other requirements must be accomplished. There requirements usually include, restitution of victims, avoidance of certain people or places, and community service. Many times, drug-related education is mandatory as well. Diversion programs are aimed at preventing drug crimes in the future. To discuss this sentencing option at length, get in touch with a Los Angeles criminal defense lawyer at our firm.

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Deferred Entry of Judgment (DEJ) in California

Deferred Entry of Judgment is another way to describe California’s provision for drug diversion programs. This term actually helps further explain the diversion programs. If an individual is arrested for a drug crime, and they qualify for a drug diversion program, then their sentencing will be deferred. If the subject successfully completes the drug diversion program, then they will not be convicted of the drug crime. On the other hand, if the individual fails to complete their court-ordered conditions such as drug treatment programs, counseling and the like, then the criminal proceedings will resume and the individual will be convicted of the drug crime. Why are they convicted upon violating their drug diversion conditions? Because in order to even qualify for deferred entry of judgment, they must agree to plead “guilty” to their charges.

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If you have been convicted of a drug crime, you may be offer the opportunity to participate in a diversion program and avoid facing criminal charges, as well as preserving your criminal record. If the program is completely with no error, the drug crime charges you face will most likely be reduced or completely dropped. Failure to properly complete a drug diversion program, once you have agreed to participate, may result in the charges against you being amplified.

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