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Breath & Blood Tests in California DUI Cases

Our team of Los Angeles DUI attorneys can defend against breath and blood test evidence in conjunction with DUI arrests. A law enforcement officer who stops an individual on suspicion of DUI can verify the person’s level of intoxication in a number of ways. The two primary means for doing this are a breath test (commonly referred to as a “breathalyzer” test) and a blood test. The breath test┬áis conducted by breathing into an apparatus that measures one’s blood alcohol content (BAC) through the breath. A blood test is administered by taking a sample of one’s blood and sending it to a lab in order to determine its alcohol content. If you have been charged with a DUI, contact experienced Los Angeles DUI lawyers at Martinian Lawyers for a free consultation.

Inaccuracies of Breath & Blood Tests

It is a fact that both breath and blood alcohol tests can be subject to errors of all kinds. Breathalyzer devices in particular malfunction on a regular basis, giving false readings of one’s BAC. Blood tests can be administered incorrectly, and the results misinterpreted by the lab technicians doing the testing. Even if there is no error involved in the testing procedure, there is the possibility that the test was administered against protocol. If there is anything that can be construed as a violation of your rights in regards to your breath and blood test, a Los Angeles DUI lawyer can expose those violations/errors with the possible result of your charges being dismissed outright.

How a Los Angeles DUI Lawyer Can Help

Both breath and blood tests have been determined to be much more accurate than the field sobriety tests conducted on the spot by police officers who have just pulled over a driver on suspicion of drunk driving. However, no court can take the results of a breath test or a blood test as absolute word. These results are meant to be used as nothing more than evidence in a case of possible drunk driving. Our experienced Los Angeles DUI attorneys can help you understand these legal nuances.

Using the information yielded in the results of a breath or blood test beyond that of evidence is impermissible legal practice. In fact, it is not at all uncommon for the readings of a breath test to be thrown out entirely, as they have proven time and again to be inaccurate measurements of a person’s level of intoxication. Even though the blood or breath test evidence may be stacked up against you, you are innocent until proven guilty.

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