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Los Angeles DMV Hearing Attorney

It is widely known that a person will typically face criminal proceedings if they have been arrested and charged with driving under the influence (DUI). What is less known is the fact that such a person also faces an additional legal proceeding: that of a DMV Hearing. While a criminal case decides whether or not the individual is punished with penalties such as fines or jail time, a DMV hearing decides whether or not they will be able to retain their driver’s license. In California, a person has ten days from the date of their arrest to schedule their DMV hearing. In the event that they fail to do this, their license can be suspended for up to four months.

If you need to schedule a DMV hearing after your DUI arrest, you should not do so without the legal representation of a Los Angeles DMV hearing attorney by your side. That being said, we encourage you to contact an associate at Martinian Lawyers as soon as possible. A Los Angeles criminal defense attorney from our firm can speak to the DMV employee overseeing the hearing on your behalf and possibly secure a resolution that ensures that your driving privileges remain untouched. Contact us today for a free consultation.

The Administrative Hearing Process

The primary intent of a DMV administrative hearing is to provide drivers with due process of the law in a professional and efficient manner. With the purpose of allowing drivers the opportunity to be heard in regards to the presentation of relevant evidence and/or testimony that may have been offered up on your behalf, this is a crucial step to the processes involved in the aftermath of being arrested for DUI in the state of California. During this process, you will be afforded certain rights and defined by the law.

These are:

  • The right to legal representation, at your own expense;
  • The right to present any relevant evidence and witnesses on behalf of your case;
  • The right to review the evidence brought against you and then cross-examine any testimonies made by witnesses for the DMV;
  • The right to testify on your own behalf.

Contact a Los Angeles DMV Hearing Attorney

The most surefire way of reviewing and defending yourself during the DMV process is by obtaining the tactical skills and legal knowledge of a professional attorney in the field of DUI defense. You will find precisely that at Martinian Lawyers, so we encourage you to call a Los Angeles DUI lawyer the firm today to begin receiving the legal help that you both need and deserve for your DMV hearing.