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Los Angeles Antitrust Lawyer

One of America’s greatest accomplishments and sources of pride as a country is our free market. With a lack of monopolies and the existence of competition in the market, consumers have choices. They can choose to purchase an item from a company because they believe its price matches its worth, and likewise, they can deny business to companies that they believe charge too much for their products or services.

What would happen if the free market was not defended by law? Companies would make mass mergers, monopolizing areas of the market so that consumers have no choice but to pay the prices said companies demand. Fortunately, such actions are against the law, and if you believe anyone is guilty of price fixing, allocating customers, or seeking unlawful mergers with the intent of building a monopoly, you may be able to fight for justice with the aid of a Los Angeles federal criminal defense attorney. Reach out to a Los Angeles antitrust attorney at Martinian Lawyers to discuss your case today.

Anticompetitive Practices

Antitrust laws are violated when a company performs any kind of anti-competitive practice, such as dumping, exclusive dealing, price fixing, limit pricing, or tying. When a company sells a product or service for a price significantly below the average market price with the intent of driving competitors out of business, they are guilty of dumping. Exclusive dealing is when a retailer or wholesaler is under contract to only make purchases from one supplier. When companies conspire to set their prices in a way that affects their competitors, the act is referred to as a crime of price fixing. Limit pricing occurs when a monopoly sets the price of a product so low that competitors are discouraged from entering the market because profit is nearly impossible. Also, when two unrelated products are required to be purchased together, it is called tying.

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All of these crimes are federal offenses and have severe consequences. Antitrust laws are put into place to ensure that the economy of the country is never jeopardized, and any attempt to violate these laws is treated accordingly. If you believe that a company is guilty of violating one or more antitrust laws, you need to obtain legal assistance right away. At Martinian Lawyers, our antitrust attorneys in Los Angeles have the experience and dedication necessary to fight your case against antitrust violations.We offer free case evaluations and are available 24/7 to take your call and answer your questions.

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