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Los Angeles Child Pornography Lawyer

Any federal crime is a serious offense with severe consequences, but child pornography is one of the most serious of them all. If you’ve been accused of this type of crime, then a Los Angeles federal criminal defense lawyer may be who you need to call.

When a person produces, distributes, sells, or possesses any form of pornographic material exploiting or portraying a minor, they are committing a crime referred to as child pornography. This includes any printed, digital, photographic, or videographic material. Penalties for this crime can have a permanent and devastating effect on the offender’s life, so if you have been charged with child pornography, be sure that you are educated on the penalties you may face and fight your charges with the help of a Los Angeles child pornography attorney.

What Is Child Pornography?

Pornography involves the use of sexually explicit material, such as picture images, videos, and sometimes even writings. When these sexual materials involve one or more children, the acts will be defined as ones involving child pornography. The legal definition of child pornography includes any sexual activity/images involving minors of a pre-pubescent or pubescent age.

In recent years, child pornography has become much more prevalent online, as seen on the internet and via computer-generated images spread throughout the web and elsewhere. In fact, this type of criminal activity has been cited as one of the fastest-growing criminal activities found on the Internet. Today, it is not only a crime to involve oneself in the making of a child pornographic film/picture/ etc., but it is also considered criminal to own any such materials.

Penalties For Child Pornography

The minimum prison sentence for a person convicted of child pornography is 15 years. In cases involving sexual abuse in Los Angeles and other such situations, the person may be imprisoned for up to 50 years, and repeat offenders may be imprisoned for life.

Along with fines and prison sentences, anyone convicted of child pornography will have a mandatory sex offender registration for life. When this is the case, it is nearly impossible to get a decent job of any kind.

Living situations can be miserable. Relationships are damaged—not to mention difficult to build—once a person learns that you are a registered sex offender. Additionally, a child sex offender will be restricted in his/her abilities to move about the state, country and world. Almost every area of a registered sex offender’s life will be irreversibly damaged in some way.

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