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Los Angeles Federal Property Crime Lawyer

When you commit a crime while on or visiting a federal property, that crime gets elevated into a federal offense. Federal offenses carry with them much more serious consequences than regular criminal offenses and could include hefty fines and even prison time.

If you are facing a federal property crime charge, contact a Los Angeles federal property crime lawyer from Martinian Lawyers today for a free consultation and to discuss your next steps.

Consequences Of Federal Property Crime Offenses

Committing any of the following crimes while on federal property constitutes a federal crime:

Federal crimes in Los Angeles , especially federal property crimes, can be damaging to a suspected individual’s life due to the fact that these federal offenses can also be tried as felonies. That means that not only will that individual be tried at the federal level but also at the state level. All penalties and punishments resulting from a federal conviction will be added on top of the state penalties resulting from a felony conviction. If the crime escalates to a felony, reach out to a felony defense attorney in Los Angeles for guidance on what to do.

Federal property crimes are very serious matters, which due their potentially dire consequences, should not be taken lightly. If you stand accused of committing any crime on federal property, it is absolutely essential to speak to a federal property crime lawyer in Los Angeles immediately.

Contact a Los Angeles Federal Property Crime Lawyer

At Martinian Lawyers, we know how serious even the most seemingly insignificant can be if committed on federal property. Our attorneys will help you fight these sometimes inflated charges and help ensure you do not get taken advantage of. Each individual has every right to receive a fair trial and not have to pay a horrible price for a momentary lapse in judgment.

Most people are unaware that committing a crime on federal property brings with it heightened, federal charges. Do not fall victim to this little known technicality of the law.

Reach out to us and call one of our highly skilled and knowledgeable Los Angeles federal property crime attorneys today; your future well-being can absolutely depend on the outcome of your case.