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Los Angeles Murder for Hire Attorney

The implications of being charged with attempting to hire another individual to commit a murder can have a devastating effect on every aspect of your life. Murder for hire is a federal crime and has severe consequences.

With such a serious crime, obtaining legal counsel from a federal criminal defense attorney in Los Angeles is crucial. Contact a Los Angeles murder-for-hire attorney from Martinian Lawyers for a free consultation today.

Murder for Hire Implications

Being connected to a murder-for-hire scheme has the potential to permanently ruin your personal and professional reputation, even when you are merely accused of this act. Such charges can destroy the business you’ve worked so hard to build or cause your boss or business owner to lose trust in you, thus effectively cutting off any future career advancements.

If convicted, penalties for federal crimes are almost always very harsh and could range anywhere from steep monetary fines to long prison sentences. Federal law enforcement officers, prosecuting attorneys, and judges all take a very strict stance when it comes to these kinds of cases; therefore it is absolutely essential to hire a Los Angeles murder-for-hire attorney as soon as you suspect you are being targeted under murder for hire charges.

A skilled and knowledgeable murder-for-hire lawyer in Los Angeles will ensure your rights are protected from overzealous prosecution and that your reputation does not suffer as a result of misleading accusations.

Contact our Los Angeles Murder for Hire Lawyer

At Martinian Lawyers, our attorneys know the dangers murder-for-hire charges can pose to your personal life and livelihood. We will do everything in our power to shield you and your family from unjust and overzealous treatment by the prosecution and law enforcement officers and ensure that you will receive a fair and unbiased trial.

We also know that many murder-for-hire cases rely primarily on witness testimony or could include evidence gathered under false or misleading pretenses. Sometimes law enforcement officers will pose as killers for hire in order to goad an individual into agreeing to have another individual killed.

In these cases, a skilled attorney can call into question how the officers obtained their incriminating evidence and seek to have that evidence thrown out of court. Do not hesitate; contact one of our murder-for-hire attorneys in Los Angeles today if you have been accused of a murder-for-hire scheme.