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Wire Fraud Defense Attorney in Los Angeles

What is Considered to Be Wire Fraud?

Wire fraud involves an individual carrying out a scheme with the objective of defrauding others by the use of interstate “wires.” This may employ many mediums, such as financial wire transfers, the internet, phone, radio or television. It is not necessary that the entire fraudulent scheme that one has devised involve electronic communications in order for wire fraud charges to be filed.

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What is the Punishment for Wire Fraud?

Each separate use of the mechanism constructed for such a transfer amounts to an additional count of fraud, which could consequently result in severe consequences, including:

  • Up to 30 years in prison
  • Fines up to one million dollars

Wire fraud is most commonly charged as a federal crime in the United States District Court. This means that if you are facing such charges, your case will involve federal agents working to achieve a conviction and lengthy prison sentence. A Los Angeles criminal defense lawyer will be a vital ally when under such an intense attack. A Los Angeles wire fraud lawyer from Martinian Lawyers will work to actively direct the situation and lead the battle to protect your freedom.

Let Our Experienced Los Angeles Wire Fraud Attorney Fight For You

At Martinian Lawyers, our experience and familiarity with wire fraud cases means we can tackle your case aggressively and with certainty. We will demand the evidence the government plans to use against you and from there set about building your defense. The validity of the evidence will be reviewed and any holes or factors which find it false or inadmissible will be presented to the court. A prosecution’s case can fall down on that alone. As needed, we will conduct our own investigation to gain ammunition with which to defend your rights. Any facets which cast reasonable doubt must be upheld as a reason for acquittal.

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