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Los Angeles Prostitution Attorney

There are a variety of prostitution charges that one can face, many of which are met with serious penalties. They include, but are not limited to, the following:

  • Prostitution – The exchange of money or other goods for sex
  • Solicitation – Clearly and unequivocally requesting another to engage in an act of prostitution
  • Loitering for Purposes of Prostitution – Lingering in a public place with the intent of soliciting or engaging in prostitution
  • Agreeing to Engage in an Act of Prostitution – Agreeing to a sexual act in exchange for money or goods, with the person actively doing something to further the act of prostitution
  • Pimping – Managing, loaning or advancing money to another for the purposes of prostitution
  • Pandering – Inducing, encouraging, or persuading another to engage in prostitution by way of promises, threats, violence, or some other device or scheme

The penalties for prostitution can vary greatly depending on the crime, and can include community service, fines, mandatory attendance at an HIV education class, and time in jail or state prison. If you are facing prostitution-related charges, it is to your benefit to retain the services of a Los Angeles criminal defense attorney who can go over all of your legal options with you. Contact Martinian Lawyers to speak with a Los Angeles prostitution lawyer and receive a free consultation.

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Martinian Lawyers is a seasoned criminal defense law firm that is able to provide legal representation in a large variety of criminal cases, including those involving prostitution. We engage in a dedicated, thorough approach to each client’s case, working towards a resolution that is as advantageous to them as possible. Contact our offices regarding your prostitution case, and our Los Angeles prostitution attorneys will utilize our considerable legal resources in the pursuit to defend your case tirelessly.