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Los Angeles Grand Theft Defense Attorney

Grand theft is defined under California Penal Code §487 as the taking of property that is valued higher than $950. There are, however, some situations where the value of the property will not have any bearing on the actual case itself. For example, under the law, theft of a firearm, automobile, animal or property being carried by another person will be considered grand theft regardless of how much it is valued at. There are also some items that will be considered grand theft if valued above $250; for example certain food and real estate.

In these cases, regardless of whether it was committed through larceny, embezzlement or any other form of theft, it is highly recommended that a knowledgeable Los Angeles criminal defense attorney be retained. These cases are complex and without legal representation, you will find that you can be facing serious penalties. Beyond the penalties for the actual charge (such as robbery or burglary), there are also certain enhancements that can be inflicted. If you have been charged with a grand theft crime, contact an experienced Los Angeles grand theft defense attorney from Martinian Lawyers to protect your legal rights and help defend you. Contact Martinian Lawyers today for a free consultation.

These include an additional and consecutive prison sentence if the property is valued at the following:

  • More than $65,000 – One year
  • More than $200,000 – Two years
  • More than $1,300,000 – Three years
  • More than $3,200,000 – Four years

Just because you have been charged does not, however, mean that you will be convicted. There are steps that you can take to protect your legal rights and at Martinian Lawyers we can help you pursue these strategies. For example, should we prove that you had consent to take the item, we could defend you against the charges. Similarly, we might argue that you were actually given the property under a claim of right and that you acted in good faith thinking that it belonged to you. A final defense can be levied should it be proven that you had full intentions of returning the item and that you were not intending to deprive the owner permanently.

Have you been arrested for grand theft?

Grand theft is the classification reserved for theft of property of a higher value than that of petty theft. It may be charged as a misdemeanor or felony, depending on the value of property stolen and the criminal history of the accused. The title of theft can be applied to many forms of activity beyond simply removing another’s property from their possession.

Examples of grand theft include the following:

  • Fraudulently taking property entrusted to your care and control
  • Using false representations or pretense to defraud
  • Failing to return a rented or leased item
  • Accepting services without providing fair exchange
  • Accepting payment for goods never delivered or services never rendered
  • Failing to return a recovered lost item to its rightful owner where possible

If you have been charged with any form of grand theft, a Los Angeles grand theft defense lawyer from our firm can answer your questions and explain your legal options. It is important you retain legal counsel as soon as possible so that a proactive approach may be taken to your defense.

We can help! Contact a Los Angeles grand theft defense attorney today!

At Martinian Lawyers, we will aggressively attack your case and pursue all available avenues to potentially improve its outcome. In some cases, we may be able to negotiate misdemeanor charges be filed, rather than a felony charge. This is of particular significance in California which imposes the three strikes law. If a sentence is to be given, we may be able to organize alternatives to imprisonment, such as house arrest, work release programs, or community service. Whatever is required, we will always work with your best interests in mind and do whatever we can to help. Contact us today to work with a Los Angeles grand theft defense attorney who will fight for you.