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Los Angeles Bank Robbery Attorney

Because of the nature of the circumstances involved with robbing a bank, the penalties associated with this crime can be overwhelmingly severe. For one, banks are insured by the federal government; therefore robbing a bank is considered a serious offense against the federal government. Secondly, bank robbing is considered a crime of violence. Even though a bank robber may not have a weapon or firearm or use physical force or threaten violence in any way throughout the course of the robbery, that bank robber has employed what can be considered wrongful intimidation. If you have been charged with a bank robbery crime, contact a Los Angeles bank robbery lawyer to learn about your legal rights. Contact Martinian Lawyers today for a free consultation.

In bank robbery cases, even a note slipped to the teller is considered intimidation as it entails negative consequences for that teller if he or she does not follow the instructions on the note. Bank robbery is a federal offense and therefore carries penalties much more severe than many other criminal convictions. These penalties usually entail prison time up to a sentence of life in prison. Due to the heavy penalties in cases of bank robbery and the strict and unforgiving attitude directed towards suspected offenders, it is absolutely necessary to seek the counsel of a Los Angeles criminal defense attorney immediately if you are accused of robbing a bank or in conspiring or participating in this crime.

Los Angeles Bank Robbery Attorney

Bank robbery is a very serious offense and should be handled by an attorney who has extensive experience defending clients in these types of cases. At Martinian Lawyers we have the essential skills and proven experience necessary to successfully defend clients against bank robbery charges. Facing federal charges can be intense and overwhelming considering the amount of legal talent and resources available to the prosecution. You can rest assured that we have stood up to this intimidation in the past and will never let overzealous prosecution curtail your right to a fair and unbiased trial.

Call a Los Angeles bank robbery attorney if you stand accused of robbing a bank.