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Los Angeles Shoplifting Defense Attorney

Being accused of shoplifting is not a light matter. Jail time and hefty fines can result and, depending on the value of goods stolen, it is possible you will be charged with a felony. Under California’s “three strikes law,” penalties for a felony are incredibly severe. Whatever the degree of charges, shoplifting is a commonly prosecuted crime in this state. If you have been arrested for shoplifting, a Los Angeles shoplifting defense attorney should be contacted to assist in your defense. The penalties and criminal record that can follow you may potentially be avoided with the right legal representation. Contact Martinian Lawyers today for a free consultation.

Have you been arrested for shoplifting?

At Martinian Lawyers, we offer a free consultation to allow you the opportunity to investigate your options without concern. Our experienced Los Angeles shoplifting defense lawyers will go over your legal situation, the process involved, and what can be done to actively and aggressively defend you. The specific actions required in your defense preparation will differ depending on the specifics of events involved.

Shoplifting can occur in several forms, including:

  • Removing items from a store without exchanging payment
  • Attempting to obtain a refund for items not previously purchased
  • Knowingly purchasing items with an invalid payment method, such as a bad check
  • Changing price tags on merchandise in order to pay less than the correctly marked value

Even where these actions are attempted, though not successful, charges may still be filed. Store owners, managers or employees have the right to detain someone they reasonably suspect of shoplifting. We understand that errors can occur and you may have been falsely accused or acted mistakenly without the intent of theft. Whatever your situation, our Los Angeles criminal defense lawyers will fight for you and your rights. Call Martinian Lawyers today to speak with an experienced Los Angeles shoplifting defense attorney.