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Los Angeles Aggravated Assault Lawyer

Assault is an offense involving an attempt to physically injure another person. It does not require that physical injury or harm take place. Assault is typically charged with battery, which involves actual physical contact with another person that is harmful or offensive. Aggravated assault is an attempt to cause severe bodily harm, with or without a deadly weapon (gun, knife, etc.). Penalties for aggravated assault are determined by any number of factors, including whether or not a deadly weapon was used, when the assault occurred (specifically, did it occur during the commission of another crime?), the degree of injuries suffered by the victim and the criminal history of the defendant. To learn more about the nuances of an aggravated assault case, contact an experienced Los Angeles aggravated assault lawyer. Contact Martinian Lawyers today for a free consultation.

What Your Charges Mean

Due to the serious nature of aggravated assault crimes, these acts are punished more harshly under the law. Typically, normal charges of assault will be raised to the level of aggravated assault only under certain circumstances, such as an act of assault being conducted in conjunction with the use of a deadly weapon. Other conditions that could lead to an arrest for aggravated assault include your current criminal status, the perceived intent of your actions, assaults that take place inside the home of a victim as well as the degree of injury that was caused to any victim(s) of the assault.

If convicted of aggravated assault you could be facing any one of the following consequences:

  • Imprisonment
  • Fines
  • Restitution
  • The loss of your rights to own a firearm
  • A permanent criminal record

Our experienced Los Angeles criminal defense attorneys at Martinian Lawyers can help you decipher what your charges mean.

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Most often categorized as a felony offense, a charge for aggravated assault requires immediate legal attention. Martinian Lawyers is a recognized criminal defense firm with considerable experience in violent crime cases such as aggravated assault. We are well-versed in defense strategies for assault cases and will confidently challenge any evidence that has been brought against you. Our attorneys are tough advocates and competent litigators with extensive trial knowledge. As such, we are more than prepared to take on your case and to do so with success, as we have done on a number of past occasions. Our Los Angeles aggravated assault attorneys will construct a strong defense and aggressively defend your constitutional rights if you have been charged with this serious crime. Call us today for a free consultation.