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Los Angeles Bribery Lawyer

Bribery is classified as a white collar crime in Los Angeles. Overall, it is an attempt to corruptly influence, by way of money, gift, or some other benefit, the decisions and actions of a public official or someone otherwise required to act impartially. Bribery is a criminal offense for the person attempting to influence the other, or the person accepting the bribe. Consult with a Los Angeles bribery attorney from Martinian Lawyers today for expert legal counsel.

Criminal charges of bribery can involve the following:

  • Public employees and executive officers
  • California legislative officers
  • Judicial officers and jurors
  • Witnesses
  • Public corporations and supervisors
  • Commercial interests and agents

The type of personnel at which the bribe was aimed or by whom it was accepted has much to do with the determination of penalties. The level of penalty can also be influenced by the magnitude of the bribe, the extent of the operation, the specific intent of the bribe, and any criminal record of the defendant. It is possible for bribery to be charged as a felony crime in Los Angeles and result in a lengthy prison sentence.

As such, a bribery charge of any kind requires the expertise of an experienced bribery attorney in Los Angeles.

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At Martinian Lawyers, we are committed to fighting for your rights and against injustices in the legal process. Our bribery lawyers in Los Angeles will conduct a thorough review of your case and determine the best strategy for executing your defense. Our investigation may well uncover evidence in your favor, or identify points of weakness in the prosecution’s evidence.

Bribery charges can often be laid in error due to a misunderstanding of communications or acts. Or it may be that the accused possessed no intent to bribe whilst unwittingly acting against the requirements of his position and realm of operation. We will present all relevant factors to the court in an attempt to protect your name and freedom.

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