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Los Angeles Counterfeiting Lawyer

Counterfeit can be defined as an imitation to deceive others into thinking it is the original. It is a white collar crime in Los Angeles and the entire U.S. A growing problem in the U.S. is the crime of printing one’s own money. If you are facing counterfeiting charges, reach out to our counterfeiting lawyer in Los Angeles today for a free consultation.

Due to recent advances in technology, what was once extremely difficult is now much easier. Enhanced security features have now been added to bills in an effort to deter and arrest counterfeiters. On a $20 bill, for example, the entire bill is made up of hexagonal patterns that cannot be seen without magnification. There are instances of microprinting which scanners may not be able to copy.

Counterfeiting is not only limited to printing money but to checks, warrants, bonds, tickets, lottery tickets, driver’s licenses, stamps, medical records, deeds, etc. It can also extend to copyright infringement regarding goods. It affects the drug trade as dealers sell counterfeit drugs to unsuspecting users.

Under the California Penal Code Sections 470-483.5, forgery and counterfeiting can lead to time in jail or prison. China is the largest manufacturer of counterfeit items, which are then shipped around the world.

In fact, 50% of the goods seized by U.S. Customs and Border Control were counterfeit items. Not only that, but the International Chamber of Commerce stated that up to 7% of the world’s trade involved counterfeit goods.

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If you were charged with producing, importing, or selling counterfeit money or goods, talk to a Los Angeles criminal defense attorney as soon as possible. You could be facing heavy fines and time in jail or prison for this violation. Our Los Angeles counterfeiting Lawyer at Martinian Lawyers could review your case and fight aggressively to get your charges dropped. Contact us today for a free consultation.