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Los Angeles Forgery Lawyer

Forgery is a white collar crime in Los Angeles and involves creating false documents, altering genuine documents, or passing worthless documents with the intent to defraud. This can come in many forms but typically includes such articles as checks, traveler’s checks, credit slips, promissory notes, receipts, or contracts. Writing checks for an amount not covered by sufficient funds can also constitute forgery.

Based on the amount of money involved, the scope of the operation, and any prior convictions on your record, forgery may be charged as a misdemeanor or charged as a felony in Los Angeles. The severity of charges pressed can sometimes be influenced by your legal counsel. It is therefore imperative you contact a Los Angeles criminal defense attorney immediately if you are being investigated for, or have been charged with forgery.

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At Martinian Lawyers, we put our clients first. We understand that being charged with a crime is an extremely emotional and frightening experience. With the representation of our forgery attorneys in Los Angeles, you can have confidence that your case is in good hands. Our experience and knowledge will be an asset to your case. We will demand to see the evidence the prosecution plans to use against you and review it for injustices and potential inadmissibility.

We will immediately conduct a pre-filing or pre-trial investigation in an attempt to build your defense and clear your name. The goal is always to have charges lessened or dismissed, or to obtain an acquittal. If you are sentenced after a conviction, on many occasions we are able to have an impact on the penalties ultimately experienced. Forgery can result in imprisonment and thus requires the determined and aggressive legal representation offered by our firm.

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