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Los Angeles Identity Theft Lawyer

Identity theft is a subject that receives a lot of attention within the United States due to the frequency with which it occurs and the rights violations involved in the crime. For this reason, law enforcement agencies are channeling extensive resources into investigating and making arrests for such acts.

When prosecuted, these crimes are most often treated very aggressively, with heavy penalties inflicted. Identity theft is a white collar crime in Los Angeles. Identity theft is any act involving the use of another’s personal information in order to commit fraud, usually as a means of obtaining money or some other item of value.

The type of private information used may include details such as the victim’s name, birth date, social security number, bank account details, credit card number, or driver’s license number.

If you have been charged with identity theft, contact an identity theft attorney in Los Angeles right away.

Potential Penalties & Your Defense

Identity Theft is a federal offense. It is thus prosecuted under federal law and can result in a penalty of up to 25 years in prison as well as large monetary fines. At Martinian Lawyers, our Los Angeles federal criminal defense attorneys will act aggressively and relentlessly in endeavoring to protect you from such consequences.

Identity theft can be committed in many ways, including the following:

  • Using another’s personal information to conduct transactions for illegal personal gain
  • Knowingly possessing a stolen or false form of identification
  • Using another person’s information in an attempt to commit a crime

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The experience of our firm in handling the details of such cases means we may well be able to have charges dismissed or reduced. We can also defend you in court to potentially obtain an acquittal. Contact us today for a free consultation.