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Why Not Use a Public Defender?

Advantages of Hiring Martinian Lawyers

Because every individual arrested and charged with a crime has the right to legal representation, there is the Los Angeles County Public Defender. This office provides public defenders to the accused that cannot afford an attorney or choose not to hire one on their own. Although this service is available, it may not be wise to go this route.

Public defenders typically have extremely large caseloads, especially in a crowded urban area such as Los Angeles. If you want an attorney who is going to be dedicated to your case and focused on your success, you should not choose representation from a public defender. The advantage of Martinian Lawyers is not only personalized representation, but skilled representation.

Our Los Angeles criminal defense attorneys have handled hundreds of jury trials, and have the courtroom experience you need. While no amount of experience can guarantee a successful case, it does testify to the fact that our firm is equipped with the knowledge and resources that are necessary when handling criminal cases in pre-trial hearings and in court.

One of the first cases that our founding attorney, Tigran Martinian, handled after passing the bar exam was the defense of someone charged with insurance fraud. This was a serious federal criminal offense, but Attorney Martinian was able to successfully defend this man and get his client’s charged dropped. Our firm has secured many favorable case results for our past clients. Trust Martinian Lawyers with your case by giving us a call today.