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Expungement Attorney in Los Angeles

Petitioning for Expungement (Record Clearing)

Having a criminal record, whether it involves an arrest or conviction, can prove to have disastrous long-term consequences on a person’s life. Such a record can greatly impede an individual’s endeavors, both personally and professionally, for months, years or even a lifetime. One who possesses a prior arrest or conviction may have substantial difficulty in obtaining a job, applying for a loan for a home or vehicle or pursuing secondary education.

Fortunately, there is an available legal tool that can address these issues, and it is known as expungement. Expungement is a process whereby a person’s prior criminal arrest or conviction is erased or sealed forever. Effectively, it gives a person the legal right to say that they were never involved in the commission of the crime in question. A large number of criminal offenses are eligible for expungement, including both misdemeanors and felonies, and it is recommended that you contact a Los Angeles criminal defense lawyer with the experience to handle these properly.

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Important Information About Expungements

Legally speaking, expungements are a type of a lawsuit targeted specifically for first-time offenders. If enacted successfully, defendants whose criminal records show marks from a past offense will no longer have to worry about that offense negatively impacting their ability to find employment, purchase a home or anything else. Expungements effectively seal a person’s record from being viewed by other professionals who could later use the knowledge against a defendant whose past is no longer a part of their future. It should be understood, however, that expunging a record does not remove the criminal mark from existence. Rather, it removes the record from general review, i.e. that of the public.

Martinian Lawyers provides comprehensive criminal defense services to individuals throughout the Los Angeles area, in everything from trials to expungements to appeals. No matter the specifics of a client’s case, our goal is always to seek a resolution that is most beneficial and desirable for the person under our representation. If you are seeking an expungement, we urge you to contact our Los Angeles expungement attorneys right away.

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