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Los Angeles Cocaine Defense Lawyer

Los Angeles Cocaine Defense Attorneys Explain Cocaine Charges

The United States is the largest consumer of cocaine in the world where it is used illegally as a recreational drug. Derived from the coca plant, cocaine is a drug that works by stimulating the nervous system. This addictive substance is illegal in most parts of the world unless allowed for medical reasons. Cocaine can be taken orally, through the nose, or by injection. It is the most popular in the middle and upper classes and is often used as a party drug.

According to California Health and Safety §11000, the mere possession of cocaine can be punished by time in state prison for two to four years. If the offender had more in their possession than would be used for individual use, the penalties will increase. Sale to minors under eighteen could be punished by up to seven years in prison and sale to school children up to nine years. Not only that, but if the sale was in the vicinity to a school, church, daycare, etc., additional years will be added.

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Possession with Intent to Sell

According to the California Health and Safety Code 11351, possession with intent to sell is a more serious narcotics violation than mere possession, but how does law enforcement determine intent? The investigators will evaluate the evidence and look for some “red flags” that could indicate that there was an intent to sell.

Listed below are some of those red flags:

  • The cocaine was large in quantity
  • The cocaine was packaged in such a way that would indicate sale
  • Scales used to weigh cocaine before sale
  • Large quantities of cash stored at the premises where the cocaine was found

If you were arrested for cocaine possession, a possible defense is that the cocaine was merely for personal use, rather than distribution or sale. Another possible defense is that the investigators unlawfully searched your home or property in order to wrongfully seize evidence. To learn more about the defenses available to you, contact a Los Angeles criminal defense attorney from our firm directly.

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