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Los Angeles Drug Distribution Lawyer

Were you arrested for distribution of narcotics in Los Angeles?

Have you been arrested for drug distribution or another drug crime? Are you confused as to where to turn for help or unsure of what your next move should be? If you are facing drug distribution charges, you need to be aware of all the facts. Drug importation, transportation, and distribution all fall under drug trafficking. It is different from a possession or possession with intent to sell charge and the penalties are significantly higher. If you have been arrested for a distribution violation, law enforcement has probably been investigating your case for quite some time. To combat these charges and the evidence surrounding your case, get in touch with a Los Angeles criminal defense attorney from the firm today.

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California Laws for Drug Distribution Charges & Penalties

In the state of California, the criminal charge of distribution is an umbrella term that encompasses the illegally sale, transport, transfer or even the import of any illegal or controlled substance. This, however, is different from simple possession as it must be proved beyond a reasonable doubt by the prosecutor that the defendant did not possess the drugs for personal use; it must be proven that they had intentions to distribute. Should the prosecutor be able to prove that the distribution harmed minors (for example, by occurring near a school or an area specifically for children), the charge may be enhanced.

For example, under the California Health and Safety Code §11357.5, it is considered a misdemeanor to distribute a synthetic cannabinoid; this is punishable by up to six months of imprisonment in a county jail and/or a maximum monetary fine of $1,000. This can be a frightening penalty to come up against, but it is important to remember that you are not without defense. There are several defenses that can be utilized on your behalf, including arguing that the drugs were never intended for distribution and were strictly for personal use; this can help to negotiate a smaller charge and, therefore, smaller penalties.

Another defense that a Los Angeles drug crime defense lawyer can utilize on your behalf is arguing that you were the victim of entrapment. In legal terms, entrapment occurs should a law enforcement officer lead you into committing a criminal act that you otherwise would not have committed. This occurs should the officer be the source of the idea for the crime, persuade the person into committing it and if the defendant had not been prepared or willing to commit the crime before the interaction with the law enforcement officer. Should this be proven, the penalties could be dropped and the defendant could be acquitted.

You need a Los Angeles drug distribution defense attorney!

The distribution, transportation, or selling of cocaine, heroin, marijuana, or any other illegal substance will get you a felony charge. You could face prison, harsh fines, drug counseling, and receive a permanent mark on your record. If you are proven to have been distributing drugs to a minor or anywhere near a school or park, you will be even more severely punished. There are many cases where individuals unknowingly transport drugs. Unknown to them, there could be drugs in their luggage or car and it takes a skilled attorney to prove their innocence

Since drug distribution is always classified as a felony, it is imperative that you have a Los Angeles drug distribution attorney fighting for you. With over fifteen years of experience, Martinian Lawyers is dedicated to providing our clients with aggressive legal representation. We will do our utmost to fight for you in court. By choosing to hire a member of our legal team, you could get your charged reduced or even dropped.