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Los Angeles Marijuana Lawyer

Cannabis, also known as marijuana and weed, is considered to be the most popular illicit drug – not just throughout California, but throughout the entire world. This drug, unlike many controlled substances, is not manufactured, but rather grown as it is a natural herb. Due to the mild side effects and its place within the medical community as a valid treatment option, there is a lot of controversy that surrounds the legalization of this drug. For this reason, legislators throughout the nation continue to make strides in the fight to legalize it. For now, however, without a medical license, it is considered a crime to be found in possession of marijuana in certain amounts. If you have been convicted of a marijuana crime, contact an experienced Los Angeles marijuana attorney from Martinian Lawyers. Receive a free consultation today.

Marijuana Crimes: Overview of the Penalties

In California, it is not a crime, but rather a civil infraction, to be in possession of marijuana of less than 28.5 grams. This infraction will have a minor fine of up to $100. If, however, it is found in possession while on school grounds, it will be a misdemeanor with 10 days of incarceration and $250 in fines. Should the amount be over 28.5 grams, however, it will become a misdemeanor and will have six months of incarceration as a penalty and a $500 fine.

The cultivation of marijuana, with the exception of medical marijuana for patients and caregivers, is a felony offense. Should a defendant be successfully convicted, they will face penalties that will include from 16 to 36 months of incarceration. Still, it is important to realize that California HS 11136.77 sets guidelines as to how much a patient and caregiver can possess. Speak with a Los Angeles marijuana lawyer to learn more.

Why Hire a Los Angeles Marijuana Lawyer?

No matter whether you are facing a criminal offense for possession, distribution or another drug-related offense, it is highly important that you get the legal assistance of an experienced Los Angles drug crime lawyer that you can rely on. At Martinian Lawyers, we have a vast knowledge regarding drug-related laws. We know how complex it is in California to differentiate between legal possession of medical marijuana, civil infractions and actual offenses.

If you are looking for an advocate who can protect your best interests during this trying time, it is highly encouraged that you give a Los Angeles criminal defense attorney from Martinian Lawyers a call as soon as possible. We know how daunting it is what you are facing and we are prepared to go the distance in our efforts to provide our clients with the aggressive representation that they deserve. Contact us today.