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Los Angeles Drug Trafficking Attorney

In the state of California, drug trafficking is classified as a federal crime. Drug trafficking includes a number of different types of drug violations, including their procurement, distribution, and sale. Illegal drugs like marijuana, heroin, and LSD are not the only substances that could get you charged.

Transportation of prescription drugs such as painkillers and antidepressants could also be classified as drug trafficking. A criminal defense lawyer in Los Angeles could assist in defending you against these charges. Don’t wait any longer. Call our Los Angeles drug trafficking attorney today and get the help you deserve.

Potential Drug Trafficking Penalties

The penalties for drug trafficking are extremely severe. You could be put in prison for life and charged exorbitant fines. When an individual has been arrested for this offense, it usually means they have been under investigation for quite some time. A substantial case may already be built against you, making your situation very serious.

Not only could you be facing local law enforcement, but the DEA (Drug Enforcement Administration) and FBI (Federal Bureau of Investigation) could be pursuing you as well. Since they have more resources and manpower, the prosecution will be more difficult to fight. If you attempt to prove your innocence on your own, there would be little chance of success. Seek strong representation from a Los Angeles drug trafficking lawyer at Martinian Lawyers.

UNDOC and Drug Trafficking

Informally referred to as UNODC, the United Nations Office on Drugs and Crime, has become a leader in the global fight against illicit drug activity. In all regions of the world, UNODC operates via a widespread network of field offices, intensely working in its efforts to combat transnational crime particularly as it pertains to drug trafficking.

As defined by the UNODC, drug trafficking is the globally illicit problem involving the cultivation, manufacture, distribution and sale of illegal substances. As such, the program is constantly monitoring – and researching – the drug market worldwide in its efforts to obtain comprehensive information and a thorough understanding of the criminal activity.

Every year, the global program releases a World Drug Report with statistics of drug use across the globe. Focused solely on providing countries in every continent of the world with information and statistics related to the globe’s drug trafficking problems, UNODC has become quite the threat to those individuals that have been accused of such activity.

In fact, if you are currently facing a drug trafficking charge of any degree, such as the distribution of drugs in Los Angeles or possession of heroin in California, or similar substances, you are very likely familiar with the United Nationals Office on Drugs and Crime. As such, you will need a drug trafficking attorney in Los Angeles that is equally as familiar with the office and how to combat its findings and research.

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