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Los Angeles Domestic Violence Attorney

If you have been accused of domestic violence, you need representation from a skilled Los Angeles criminal defense attorney. Domestic violence is any form of violence or threat of violence against a person with whom you share a personal relationship, such as a current or former spouse, boyfriend or girlfriend, fiancé(e), parent, child, other family member or a person you live with.

It can include harassment, stalking, threats, assault and battery, sexual assault, spousal rape and other forms of physical injury. Even if the person who reported the crime changes their mind, the District Attorney’s Office can still continue to investigate and prosecute the case.

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Charges of domestic violence are often made in contentious divorce and child custody cases to gain leverage in the proceedings. Many times a restraining order will be issued against the alleged abuser, preventing them from having any further contact with the victim. There can be extremely disruptive to a person’s life if the accuser is a spouse and there are children involved. A Los Angeles domestic violence lawyer should be contacted at once if you have been arrested for domestic violence. You are facing potentially serious penalties that can change your life forever.

Penalties for Family Violence / Spousal Abuse

A person found guilty of domestic violence will be sentenced based on the severity of the crime and their prior criminal history. Penalties can include:

Restraining Orders and False Accusations

It is not uncommon for individuals to falsely claim spousal abuse or familial violence. This can happen for any number of reasons, but the repercussions are drastic if the proper legal action is not taken. If someone files for a restraining order, they will be given a temporary order until a hearing can be held to evaluate the evidence.

At the hearing, it will be decided whether or not the threat or actual violence is legitimate. While having a restraining order filed against you is not a criminal conviction in and of itself, breaking the terms of that order could warrant an arrest.

Seek Defense From Our Los Angeles Domestic Violence Attorneys

Martinian Lawyers is a knowledgeable criminal defense firm that can provide skilled representation in Los Angeles domestic violence cases. We are well-versed in domestic violence laws and will look for flaws in the prosecution’s case that can help achieve a reduction in charges or case dismissal. Our attorneys are also persuasive negotiators that will work to mitigate any potential sentencing.

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