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Los Angeles Restraining Order Lawyer

In the state of California, if you have recently been criminally charged with a domestic violence crime, it is not unlikely that you will find yourself facing what is known as a restraining order – also referred to as a protective order. Reach out to our Los Angeles restraining order attorneys today for a free case consultation.

Restraining Order Overview

This is a document given by California courts that prohibits the defendant from coming into contact with the alleged victim – this is not only inconvenient, it can be completely life-altering in nature. A protective order is split into three separate types according to the California courts.

These three types of restraining orders include the following:

  • Personal Conduct Orders: These are used to stop personal behaviors against the alleged victim, who is also known as the protected person. This can legally restrain the defendant from contacting them, attacking them, stalking/threatening them, and even harassing them.
  • Stay-Away Orders: These are used to keep the defendant away from the protected person, either from where they live, or work, whether their children are, or any other place that is deemed as an important place that they visit or stay at often.
  • Residence Exclusion Order: These are commonly referred to as kick-out and move-out as they force the defendant to move out of a residence that they previously shared with the victim.

Next Steps

If you have recently been criminally charged with domestic abuse and have had a restraining order taken out against you, it is extremely important that you do not hesitate to get the involvement of an experienced restraining order attorney in Los Angeles that you can trust. We recognize the difficulties that can arise from having a protective order taken out against you – it can not only affect your life, it can affect your criminal case and it can even have an impact on the outcome of a family law case.

Contact Our Los Angeles Restraining Order Attorney

For this reason, we encourage you to get the involvement of a Los Angeles restraining order attorney from our firm as soon as possible. At Martinian Lawyers, we have proven over the years that we can be trusted with even the most complex of cases. Our Los Angeles criminal defense attorneys have experience in everything from misdemeanors to felony murder cases and have demonstrated a clear ability to defend the legal rights of our clients in all types of cases.

If you would like to learn more about how a Los Angeles restraining order lawyer from our firm can help address these cases and ensure that your legal rights are protected, do not hesitate to pick up the phone and contact us today. We know what is on the line – we will fight for you.