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Los Angeles Drug Sale Defense Attorney

Arrested for selling drugs in Los Angeles?

In California, it is illegal to sell or distribute drugs to others. These drugs include any type of controlled substance or illegal narcotic such as: heroin, crystal meth, ecstasy, marijuana, and over-the-counter medications. Just because a drug is not considered illegal to own does not mean that you avoid charges if law enforcement believes that you have been selling or distributing it.

Some prescription drugs are controlled very strictly and their use is meant only for those with specific medical problems. In some cases, this is because they are highly addictive. If law enforcement believes that you have been distributing these types of drugs, you could face harsh penalties unless you are protected by a highly skilled Los Angeles drug crime attorney.

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Law enforcement and prosecutors take drug crimes charges extremely seriously. They will attempt to prosecute you to the fullest extent of the law. A highly trained Los Angeles drug crime defense attorney can help you to protect your constitutional rights and liberty.

California Health & Safety Code ยง 11352

According to California drug sale laws,

11352. Every person who sells, furnishes, administers, or gives away (1) any controlled substance unless upon the written prescription of a physician, dentist, podiatrist, or veterinarian licensed to practice in this state, shall be punished by imprisonment pursuant to subdivision (h) of Section 1170 of the Penal Code for three, four, or five years.

Drug sale charges can be charged a few different ways. You may be facing charges of possession for sale. You may have been charged with possession for sale because law enforcement believed you had too much in your possession for personal use. An investigation of your property may also have turned up packaging commonly used for sale/transportation of drugs. You could also be facing charges of transportation for sale. This offense involves trafficking or transporting narcotics within the state of California, to another state or across the U.S. border for the purpose of selling the drug.

Drug Sale Defense Lawyer in Los Angeles

Drug distribution and sales charges differ greatly from simple possession charges which are almost always considered a misdemeanor. Due to the larger scale of drug sales charges, they will be charged as a felony. The severity of the penalties will depend largely on the type of the drug involved and the amount of the drug. The penalties can be far more serious if the alleged drug crime involved certain factors such as minors, minors involved in the distribution, or distributing drugs on or near a school campus.

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