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Los Angeles Credit Card Fraud Lawyer

Credit card fraud refers to any form of fraud involving credit cards and is considered a white collar crime in Los Angeles. The manner in which this can occur varies widely and can include the following:

  • Falsely reporting purchases as unauthorized to have the money credited to your account
  • Appling for a credit card using stolen credit card information
  • Using a stolen credit card by posing as the cardholder
  • As a merchant or an agent, charging purchases to credit cards without cardholder consent

It is important to note one may be arrested whether or not an actual fraud occurred. Executing a plan designed to defraud is enough for fraud charges to be filed. If you are facing such charges, a Los Angeles credit card fraud lawyer should be your first port of call.

The Consequences

Credit card fraud is a serious matter and can result in heavy penalties, especially when incorporating other charges. For example, if you falsely sign a credit card slip as another, this can be charged as forgery in Los Angeles. Posing as another in order to gain something of value, in this case, the purchases made or the available credit itself constitutes a crime of identity theft. The frequency and magnitude of the operation will also have an effect on the severity of charges and possible penalties.

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At Martinian Lawyers, we will energetically investigate all facets of your case and work to uncover facts that may be used in your favor. We will build the strongest defense possible and endeavor to beat the charges against you as early in the proceedings as possible. Our knowledge and experience will be put to use to zealously defend your rights and freedom. Contact our credit card fraud attorney in Los Angeles today for a free consultation.