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Bedsores: Nursing Home Abuse

Bedsores Are a Sign of Elder Abuse

Bedsores are one of the more common symptoms associated with people who are bedridden or spend a lot of time sitting in a chair, wheelchair, etc., and unable to take care of themselves. When a person depends on a caregiver to do the necessary actions to prevent or mitigate bedsores and these actions are not done regularly, it may be time to contact a personal injury attorney in Los Angeles to help you take action against the facility.

At our firm, Martinian & Associates INC., we have extensive experience in elder abuse cases, including those that involve an elderly person who has suffered bedsores and other symptoms as a result of nursing home abuse or neglect. We are powerful advocates for these victims and we take action against any party that is involved in elder abuse or neglect. The injured person or his or her family may be entitled to compensation if we find that negligence or abuse has led to bedsores, or that a patient with bedsores is not being treated for the condition with the accepted level of care and treatment.

Bedsores, left untreated, become a very serious physical problem, are very painful, and can even result in loss of life due to infection. These injuries occur when the soft tissues, such as skin and muscle, are subjected to constant pressure for long periods of time from being pressed between a bony area of the body and another surface, such as a mattress or chair seat. Prolonged pressure prevents blood and oxygen to flow to the tissues. Skin and soft tissues begin to deteriorate when the blood flow providing nutrients is inhibited by pressure.

The result can be sores that develop into deep wounds, spreading infection to other tissues and bone. Too much moisture left unchecked, such as perspiration, urine or fecal matter, can also lead to bedsores. Common areas of the body that are prone to bedsores include heels, hipbones, tailbone, spine, ankles, head and shoulders.

Legal Action Against a Nursing Home for Abuse: Bedsores

When an elderly person is in a nursing home, it is expected the personnel are trained to do take the proper measures to prevent or minimize bedsores. You should contact us if you see signs of bedsores, especially if none were present when the patient first arrived. It could mean that the attending personnel are negligent or engaged in some form of elder abuse.

Let's discuss your case during your free case evaluation. You can be sure that we want to do everything possible to help your loved one receive excellent care and our goal is to pursue justice, hold the guilty accountable, and recover the deserved amount of compensation.

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