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Malnutrition in California Nursing Homes

Malnutrition Is a Sign of Nursing Home Abuse

Do you know or suspect that your loved one in a nursing home is suffering from malnutrition? Contact our Los Angeles nursing home abuse attorney at once. Even if you have brought this to the attention of the administrators or caregivers in the facility, it is often necessary to take legal action against the nursing home for elder abuse.

At Martinian & Associates INC. in Los Angeles, our personal injury lawyers have years of experience in nursing home abuse and neglect cases. You expect your loved one to receive a high standard of care while being cared for by doctors, nurses and other personnel in these facilities, and when they have engaged in neglect or abuse, it is time to take legal action and seek justice. We are a highly skilled personal injury law firm that serves the entire Los Angeles area, and we advocate for the rights of the elderly, seeking justice and full compensation in cases of nursing home abuse and neglect.

Causes of Malnutrition in Nursing Homes

Malnutrition is sadly, far too common in nursing homes. It can be the result of caring but short-staffed personnel, leaving patients in need without adequate care. When this happens, a patient may not be fed regularly, or is refusing to eat, and the situation is not resolved. There may be very poor quality food being served that doesn't provide the necessary nutrients even though served regularly, and may be unappetizing, further deterring patients from eating and getting the nutrition they need to survive and remain healthy.

An investigation into the facility's kitchen may be necessary, as well as the staff, to discover why your loved one has lost weight, has loose and dry skin and appears to be wasting away. These are dangerous issues for an elderly person who is already in frail health, and taking action early could be lifesaving. We urge you to call us immediately if you suspect that the facility caring for your loved one is failing in their duty to provide adequate nutrition, with the result of malnutrition.

Experienced Nursing Home Abuse Attorney in CA

Other causes of malnutrition can be undetected dental problems, making it very difficult for an elderly person to eat. Medications can suppress the appetite, and a caregiver needs to know how to recognize these and other potential problems as well as help the patient to eat and get enough nutrition, daily. Signs of malnutrition can include weakness, weight loss, muscle loss, fatigue, tooth decay, organ shut down, swollen abdomen, dry skin, and confusion.

While there can be other reasons for these symptoms, they are a red flag and should never be ignored. We know how to investigate these cases, and when malnutrition has occurred as a result of neglect or abuse, we ruthlessly pursue justice and full compensation. Our firm offers a free case evaluation.

Contact us, and we will review the facts in your case and advise you about how to proceed legally.

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