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Most of us spend the majority of our waking hours at work. Employees, and the law, expect the employers to treat every employee with respect and dignity. Candidates are hired and promoted based on their abilities and performance. Discrimination and harassment ought to have no place within a workplace.

Unfortunately, the reality is that not every workplace follows the law or these basic requirements. When that is the case and employees are faced with unfair employment practices, Martinian & Associates has the experience, ability and the compassion to stand up against even the biggest employers in the court. Our job as Los Angeles employment lawyers is to advocate on behalf of workers to ensure that they are getting the rights they are entitled to by law. We are ready to protect your rights as an employee in the state of California.

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How Can an Employment Lawyer Benefit You in Los Angeles?

When you live and work in Los Angeles, employment law can be complex. An employment lawyer with specific experience in the LA area can ensure that your employment rights are met and that any potential issues that could arise in the workplace are handled swiftly and appropriately. 

With Martinian & Associates’ expertise, our employment lawyers can protect you against wrongful termination, assist during collective bargaining negotiations, provide guidance with employment contracts, review severance agreements, and advise you on labor standards and laws conducted by the government. 

Ultimately, an employment lawyer is a major asset if your business or employment needs occur in the greater Los Angeles area.

Safeguarding Our Clients' Employment Rights

At Martinian & Associates INC., our primary goal is to protect our clients' employment rights. As a worker in the greater Los Angeles area, you have the right to be free from various types of discrimination as well as a variety of other rights such as the right to minimum wage, the right to fair compensation and the right to medical leave.

Listed below are some of the types of cases our employment law firm in Los Angeles is prepared to take on:

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If you are ready to take the next step and contact a Los Angeles employment law attorney to protect your employment rights, contact Martinian & Associates INC. today. Our law firm has years of experience representing workers in claims against their employers and supervisors for things like discrimination, wrongful termination, wage and hour violations, denial of FMLA and much more.

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