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All California employees are protected by law to receive basic rights. Since laws are constantly changing, many workers may be unaware of their rights under California Labor Law. Our goal as Los Angeles employment attorneys is to protect workers against California Labor Law violations, so if you believe that you have become a victim of one or multiple labor law violations, contact our firm today to begin discussing your rights and what you can do to seek justice.

Right to Overtime Compensation

While there are some exemptions to the overtime compensation rule, many workers are entitled to time-and-a-half or "overtime" for hours worked over the 8-hour threshold or 40-hour workweek.

Some workers who are considered exempt from this compensation include:

  • Those in executive, administrative and professional positions
  • Computer software workers
  • State employees
  • Independently contracted sales employees
  • Immediate family members of the employer
  • Commercial drivers (regulated by DOT), and more.

Time-and-a-half means that for every hour worked overtime, the employee should be compensated their regular rate of pay plus one half of that. For example, if you earn $9.00 per hour and work one hour of overtime, that overtime hour would be compensated $13.50.

Right to Minimum Wage

Currently, the minimum wage in California is $8.00 per hour with plans to increase to $10 per hour by 2016. State minimum wage can differ from federal minimum wage, which is why California's minimum wage exceeds the federal minimum wage (currently set at $7.25). Like with overtime pay, some employees are exempt from receiving the minimum wage. This could include outside salespersons and many of the same exempt persons as with overtime exemptions. To learn more about the minimum wage in California, you can defer to the State of California's minimum wage FAQ page.

Right to Unemployment

Qualified employees are entitled to unemployment insurance if they are unemployed at no fault of his or her own. For example, if an employee is fired from their position of employment because of misconduct, then they likely will not qualify for unemployment insurance. You do not have to be completely unemployed to receive these benefits. Some partially unemployed people qualify.

Other ways to qualify for unemployment include:

  • Physical inability to work
  • Currently unemployed but are ready and willing to work
  • Are unemployed but are actively seeking employment
  • Have received adequate wages prior to becoming unemployed

Other Rights Listed in California Labor Law

California Labor laws are extremely extensive and deal with subjects such as fair compensation, assignment of wages, working hours, privileges, defines unfair labor practices and more. If you believe your labor rights are being violated but aren't sure where to start looking, contact a Los Angeles employment lawyer at Martinian & Associates INC. as soon as possible. You don't have to spend hours wading through California labor codes to find out your rights, but can go directly to our firm for answers!

Contacting a Los Angeles Employment Attorney

Martinian & Associates INC. has an intense familiarity with California labor laws and can protect you if your rights are being violated. Our firm is led by Attorney Tigran Martinian, who has been in the legal field for 15 years. Together with his qualified firm, you can trust that you are getting the best representation possible in your employment law matter.

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