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We know that you work hard, which is why we at Martinian & Associates INC. believe that you should be fairly compensated. Employees are protected under state and federal labor codes so that they are treated fairly and compensated fairly by their employers. If your overtime and wage rights are being violated, then you may be entitled to file a claim to recover those back wages with the assistance of a Los Angeles employment law attorney at Martinian & Associates INC.

Overtime Compensation

California employees are entitled to overtime compensation for every hour worked over the 8-hour workday OR the 40-hour workweek, depending on how your shifts are scheduled. Overtime compensation is also referred to as time-and-a-half, which means that for every hour worked overtime, you should be compensated with your regular rate of pay PLUS half of that. Some individuals are considered exempt from overtime.

Some of those exemptions include:

  • Executive, administrative and professional employees
  • Computer software employees
  • State or federal employees
  • Outside/contracted sales employees
  • Student nurses
  • Taxi drivers
  • View a full list of overtime exemptions

Minimum Wage

The California legislature with approval from Governor Gerry Brown recently passed legislation to raise the minimum wage to $8.00 per hour with plans to increase to $10 per hour by 2016. This is much higher than the current federal minimum wage of $7.25 per hour, but the legislature made the move to increase it due to the fact that the cost of living in California is much higher than in other states. Most people employed in the state of California have a right to be compensated at least the minimum wage with few exceptions. If you are not being compensated at least the minimum wage, you may be entitled to file a wage claim with the Division of Labor Standards with the help of our firm.

Employee Misclassification

One of the most common reasons why employees do not receive the compensation they are entitled to by California wage & hour law is because their employer misclassifies them, either intentionally or negligently. This can happen when an employer claims their employee works in a capacity that qualifies them as "exempt" from overtime or minimum wage. Many employees are classified as independent contractors, for example, rather than as actual employees deserving of the same wage and hour benefits as other employees performing similar job duties.

Find an Employment Lawyer Near You

If you believe that you have a wage or hour claim that has to do with unpaid overtime, lack of minimum wage compensation or some other issue with wages, then contact a Los Angeles employment attorney at Martinian & Associates INC. as soon as possible.

We can evaluate your case and determine if you have a claim.

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