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June 2022

Is It Dangerous To Drive on Really Hot Days?

Summer in Los Angeles is hot. You may be wondering if the intense heat adds any risks to your daily drives. Let’s discuss what you should know about driving on days when it’s much warmer than usual. Heat-Related Driving Risks There are a few ways that heat can impact drivers and their vehicles. First, heat damage to car parts. Heat beating down on…

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Top 10 Steps to Take After a California Dog Bite Injury

Have you been injured by a dog bite or attack? Here are the Top 10 Steps to take to ensure that your dog bite injury is treated properly and that your potential civil claim has the best chance of success leading to maximum financial compensation. What are the Most Important Steps to Take After A Dog Bite or Attack? Attend to your health/seek…

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What Steps Should I Take After a Slip/Trip and Fall Accident?

Top 6 Steps to Take After a Slip or Trip and Fall Accident Injury: Assess Your Injuries Seek Medical Treatment Take Photographs or Videos Gather Contact Information From Any Witnesses Contact an Experienced and Proven Slip/Trip and Fall Lawyer File an Insurance Claim With the Help of Your Personal Injury Lawyer A slip or trip and fall accident is one of the most…

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Does Uber and Lyft Insurance Protect Passengers Who are Injured in Car Accidents?

Uber and Lyft have transformed how people get from point A to point B. Ridesharing services can be convenient, economical, and even good for the environment (when pooling with other riders). But while the number of people using rideshare services like Uber and Lyft has skyrocketed in recent years, the number of accidents leading to injuries has also increased substantially. If you’ve been…

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