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Construction Accidents

Can I Sue if I was Injured on a Construction Site as a Pedestrian?

Accidents occur on construction sites every day, with falling objects, scaffolding collapses, falls from ladders/heights, and more often leading to serious injuries and even deaths. Here in Los Angeles, with building projects continuing to increase despite the COVID-19 pandemic and a slowing national economy, the potential for suffering an injury on a construction site is actually quite high. But while most of us…

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Can I File a Third Party Construction Site Accident Injury Claim for Compensation?

The construction industry can be a dangerous place of employment for countless workers throughout the United States. In fact, the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics (BOL) confirms that in 2020, one in five workplace deaths occurred in the construction industry. Additionally, the BOL confirmed that the construction industry accounted for 46.1% of all fatal falls, slips, and trips in 2020. While construction sites…

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